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el Bagno at Salone del Mobile: Editor’s Picks

el Bagno, the bathroom, comes to Salone del Mobile every two years. Here, the latest forward-thinking innovations from this years show.


AXOR showcases ShowerHeaven with this overhead shower, the water undergoes a powerful enactment: from revitalizing water jet to soothing shower rain. Right through to soft PowderRain.

Ceramica de Vietri “Blu Ponti” highlights the colors of the sky and the sea in the thirty-three white and blue decorations that Gio Ponti created between 1960 and 1962.

Antonio Lupi’s disappearing sink hides all the components inside the wall.

Dornbracht presents LEG SHOWERATT, an automated contrast shower for invigorating leg affusions. The regenerative effect meets the highest aspirations of wellness and good health.

Alape’s sinks are now available in an array of cool and warm matte neutrals.

Duravit introduces purple into their standard white array, drawing off last year’s Pantone color.

Effegibi sets a new standard, offering an “anywhere” steam shower, complete with glass walls, base and ceiling, the standard shower is now a spa like steam room.

Falper’s floating stone sinks eliminate the unsightly drain hole, creating a seamless and modern integration into any bathroom.

Fantini’s lucite knobs in a range of hues appear clear and then colorful depending on the position.

Kreoo weaves together a beautiful basketweave and showcases stone inlay.

Florim showcases Millennial pink tiles in a contemporary setting.

Glamorous cut glass from GD Glass Designs adds an elegant element to any powder room.

Giulini G’s colorful faucets add a playful element to any space.

Graff presents Dressage, a collection of furniture with a strong handicraft and manufacturing element made using solid wood and DuPont™ Corian®.

Bisazza’s pinstripes mosaics offer a throwback feel to modern day bathrooms.

Cut stone and brass integrate flawlessly into THG’s new line of fixtures.

Scavolini reinterprets the at-home gym with a fully integrated vanity and work out area for the ultimate exercise space.

Ritmonio’s mix and match booth allows for easily switching out a standard lever for their stone inspired versions.

Moab 80’s organic bathtub design is a fresh alternative to the freestanding tub.

Lithea’s 3D stone wall tiles are an ornate and artistic addition to any room. They work in a variety of these materials, including marble, Carrara, lava stone and gray Tunisi.

Artful vanities surrounds at Laufen’s booth add a bit of whimsy to the bathroom.

Petracer’s “Boiserie” is a ceramic that mimics classic wall paneling. Its fresh interpretation of this style is a contemporary twist on the expected.

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Countertops 101: A Breakdown of What’s What in Surfacing

What is the right countertop material for your kitchen?

When designing your dream kitchen, or remodeling your current one, there is no shortage of tough decisions to make and with one decision impacting another, it can all seem quite overwhelming. Many find it easiest to first focus on countertops. Unfortunately, that raises even more questions! Specifically, what material and design do you want? What’s the right countertop material for your lifestyle?  Do you need an easy to maintain, stain resistant surface?  Or is style most important to you? For most people, the primary question comes down to which material is going to strike the best balance between beauty, style, and maintenance. 

Luckily, there’s a vast range of options available that address durability and maintenance, and all importantly, the style factor.  However, with so many materials ranging from natural stone, quartz composites, stained concrete and even natural wood available, in practically any color, pattern or texture you could want, making the right choice can be tricky. And you might want to incorporate two materials into that space. Here’s the basic 101 on deciphering what’s what in surfaces. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the top countertop materials available today to help you choose the right options for your kitchen.



While it now has more competition than in the past, granite is still a top choice among homeowners.  Granite countertops offer both a high-end look and durability.  With granite being a natural material, it has variation in color and pattern which adds to its appeal. Granite is comparable in cost to manufactured quartz but does require more care and a regular sealing routine.






With quartz being a manmade product it is practically maintenance free and far tougher than natural marble or soapstone.  It has a pre-sealed, non-porous surface, making it stain, scratch, heat, and impact resistant.  It’s also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, giving perennial top choice granite a run for its money in recent years.




A thick concrete countertop can be the focal point of a modern kitchen design.  Concrete is highly customizable with many stain and texture options available.  It can also stand high heat very well and is scratch and stain resistant if sealed properly.  Concrete on its own can feel overly cold or architectural, so it’s often mixed with other materials and accents like glass, tile, and marble to create a soft, one of a kind look.




A butcher block style countertop can create a warm, cottage style look and when properly sealed is highly heat resistant and ideal for food prep. While you may have one vision of this style countertop, there are many species of wood, including teak, acacia, cherry and American walnut, that can be used for this purpose.  It is also common for wood countertops to be mixed with other surfaces like natural or engineered stone to bring in the cozy element of natural wood while still providing a variety of prep surfaces.




Marble has a timeless appeal, providing an elegant and sophisticated feel.  Available in a polished or honed finish, it is many people’s choice for a high-end look. Marble is highly porous so staining can be a problem without regular sealing and care. If you go for marble, expect it to weather with time. It will also stain, but it lasts forever. Think of the great marble facades in Europe. If you love those, then you’ll love this as a countertop.




Soapstone is a non-porous natural stone that doesn’t require regular sealing, making it highly stain and bacteria resistant.  Soapstone is more specific in its color variations, available in a range of gray tones from light to dark with subtle veining. It is a soft, natural material and is more prone to a variation of light and dark spots, as well as scratching. That said, it’s often a farmhouse favorite.





Stainless steel countertops are a popular choice for homeowners looking for that commercial kitchen look.  Stainless steel provides a modern, industrial feel that coordinates with any color.  It is also one of the easiest countertop materials to clean as well as the most hygienic being impervious to heat and bacteria.







Ultra-compact surfaces are composed of raw materials that include marble, quartz, porcelain, and glass. This countertop option is extremely durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors without the risk of fading. Ultra-compact products are available in many colors and looks, including that of other materials such as marble, wood, and concrete.


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EuroCucina at Salone del Mobil: Editor’s Picks

Every two years, EuroCucina comes to Salone with the worlds most innovative and forward-looking designs and collaborations for the kitchen market. Here’s Cutting Edge Countertops’ roundup of some of the most impressive offerings from this market.



Smeg partners with Dolce and Gabbana to expand their artist-inspired culinary offerings.


Abimis takes its notes from commercial kitchens, created a rounded edge frame in a super high polished stainless steel. The result: an extraordinary kitchen cooking area that can live indoors or out.


Arclinea mixes a range of materials that showcase the effects of cold and warm materials and integrates LED lighting throughout.


Bertazzoni introduces a new line of finishes, like antiqued copper, that add an old world charm to these modern appliances.


Boffi’s floating glass cabinets bring an airiness to kitchen design.


At Cesar’s booth, kitchens are naturally integrated into the work/living areas at home with seamless shelving and a continuous workstation.


Cesar cabinetry goes bold with a supersaturated coral palette.



Growing a garden of herbs and vegetables inside the kitchen at Comprex.


Cosentino’s ultracompact surface Dekton showcases the new additions that expanded its versatile range of colors in 2018.


ELLE Decor Italia teams up with over a one sponsors to showcase how millennials live. Here, a kitchen concept that focuses on easy access to supplies and a countertop that extends out for company and closes to hide the cooking area.

EuroCucina EuroCucina EuroCucina

Electrolux debuts Visual Garden. A refrigerator that lights up to show you the produce inside. Their goal is to eliminate food waste and help consumers lead healthier lives.


The new Fendi Cucine was born from the partnership between the haute couture brand Fendi and the top brand Scic kitchens. It focuses on the new Cucine Home Professional collection, a  super-luxury furnishing line designed by architect Marco Costanzi.


Franke’s Smart Deco range hood strikes a playful, colorful chord at this year’s EuroCucina. The new model boasts stunning shape and color that add a playful element of design to any kitchen. Cooking and living areas are thus combined to form a single living space.


Gaggenau newest refrigerators are stainless steel throughout, providing excellent cooling and preservation.


Ilve’s outdoor range is sleek and perfect for year-round entertaining.



Ilve takes modern white and chrome and gives it a traditional twist in this European kitchen.


Irinox continues to wow with their food preservation system that blast chills food and can warm foods for dinner.


Compact living is all about efficiency. Integrating a stackable laundry unit into the kitchen saves on space and can easily be hidden by the wall of continuous cabinetry.


Marchi Cucine inspires stunning kitchen design by playing with glass and solid pieces throughout.

EuroCucina EuroCucina

1, 2, 3…KitchenAid takes the sous vide trend into the built-in market. Here, the vacuum sealer sits in between the steam oven for cooking or the blast chiller for preserving.

EuroCucina EuroCucina EuroCucina

Neff brings the farmers market to Salone with a booth filled with global staples.


Toncelli creates a magical bar cabinet with hiding spots and secret compartments throughout.

EuroCucina EuroCucina

Valcucine’s creates “garage doors” for the kitchen. Simply wave your hand and the kitchen disappears behind a wall of whatever art or surface you choose.


Wolf continues to show how seamlessly their integrates appliances can stand up in any kitchen setting.

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Recycled Surfaces

It’s April and it’s time to go GREEN! What better way to save the planet than by installing recycled surfaces in your home.

Imagine the possibilities of recycled glass or porcelain countertops in your kitchen or bathroom.
Customizable and eco-friendly, these unique countertops are easy to maintain and will last a lifetime (with proper care, of course).

Recycled Surfaces Vetrazzo Floating Blue


Recycled surfaces can be made from recycled glass, paper, and porcelain. By choosing recycled surfaces you are not only cutting down on our planet’s waste, you are also choosing a surface that will benefit your family and their health. Like quartz surfaces, recycled surfaces are non-porous, making them a top choice for keeping bacteria at bay. Recycled countertop surfaces are also very durable as they are heat and stain resistant.



Like other countertop options, recycled surfaces can come in different finishes. Finish options include high gloss, semi-gloss, honed, and matte.



Not only are recycled surfaces well-loved because of their durability but also because of their care-free maintenance! Simply clean everyday spills with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. For stubborn stains, you can use a non-abrasive brush. Always remember to use hot pads, trivets, cutting boards and coasters for additional protection to ensure the life of your countertops.



A great choice for residential and commercial spaces, recycled surfaces are commonly used indoors as countertops, vanity tops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds and tub decks, wall cladding, entryways, and shower surrounds.

recycled surfaces paperstone

Recycled surface countertops offer many benefits and a vast array of beautiful and fun design choices. The added bonus is that they are earth-friendly and affordable. Let’s make your home green and install recycled surfaces with Cutting Edge Countertops.

For additional information on recycled surfaces and other countertop options, visit our resource tab.

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Projects Perfect for Remnants

Whether your project is small or big all areas of your home can be accented in stone. Large projects like your kitchen can require several slabs of stone, but small projects can be created with remnants. Don’t know what projects can be done with remnants? Have no fear we have a few ideas up our sleeve.


1. Outdoor Spaces:

Bars, tables, and side countertops can be made with remnants of natural stone.



2. Fireplace Surrounds:

Remnants of natural stone and quartz can dress up your fireplace with a touch of elegance.


3. Powder Rooms & Bathrooms:

The most common place for remnants to be used is for countertops in powder rooms and smaller bathrooms.


4. Laundry Rooms:

Adding a counter space over your washer and dryer adds additional functionality to your laundry room by creating a space to organize and fold.Remnants

5. Bars, Desks, and Tables:

Last, but not least, you can use remnants for surfaces like bars, desks, table tops and if small enough, kitchen islands.





Depending on the provider, remnants are usually marked at a discounted rate. Act now and you can purchase remnants for 50% off with Cutting Edge Countertops Remnant Sale going on now through the end of April 2018.

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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide: Kitchen Edition

Spring is officially here and it’s time to clean! To kick this season off with a good start we are giving you some of our top tips to maintain a clean kitchen.

1. Clear and Cleanse

First thing first, let’s clear everything off those countertops. Remove décor, small appliances, and cooking utensils from your surfaces. Then, give them and your backsplash a good wipe down. Get a good deep clean to clear all the dust, grime, and crumbs from months of cooking.

If you have natural stone countertops, simply clean surfaces with a soft cloth using a mild liquid soap and warm water, or a natural stone cleaner to remove most residues. For stubborn stains, use a soft non-abrasive bristled brush and scrub lightly. To remove soap scum, use a non-acidic soap scum remover. Be sure to rinse and towel dry the surface to prevent spotting.

For quartz surfaces use a soft cloth with a mild liquid soap and warm water, or a quartz cleaner. For tougher stains, use a soft non-abrasive bristled brush and scrub lightly. To remove soap scum, use a non-acidic soap scum remover. Wipe down with a clean damp cloth to rinse, and towel dry prevent spotting.

Solid surfaces can also be cleaned with a soft cloth using a mild liquid soap and warm water, or a solid surface cleaner. For more difficult stains, use a non-abrasive soft bristled brush and scrub lightly. If soap scum is an issue, use a non-acidic soap scum remover. Rinse and towel dry to finish up.

Spring Cleaning Guide

2. Declutter those Drawers

We tend to dump everything in drawers. Out of sight out of mind, right? It’s time to go through them and purge all the junk. This is also a good time to clean and reorganize those utensil drawer organizers. The amount of crumbs that can fall from your counters into your drawers is shocking.

3. Tackle the Tupperware

We all hate opening this cabinet because no matter how many times we reorganize and match the lids to containers there seems to always be an avalanche of plastic heading straight toward us. There are many ways to organize this cabinet from manufactured closet systems to DIY resources. Some DIY things to keep those lids in place are file organizing stands, baking cooling racks, dish drying racks, or large bins and baskets to help keep that plastic tamed.

4. Flawless Floors

Hopefully, you already clean your floors regularly, but now is a chance to really clean and disinfect. Wash your rugs and be sure to mop. Pay attention to cracks, corners, and the grout in your flooring. This might be the time to call in a professional to get your flooring steamed cleaned.

5. Scrub Down Those Appliances

Give your oven, stove, and fridge a good scrub. Take out the fridge drawers and give those burners new life. It’s time to get off all of that baked on gunk. You’ll feel like you have a brand new kitchen afterward!

6. Let in the Light

Last but certainly not least, let in some natural light to show off the beautiful sparkle and shine to your clean kitchen.

Spring Cleaning Guide

Don’t worry, you don’t have to clean it all in a day. Take it step by step. Now, get out there, clean and enjoy spring.

Quartz Ceasarstone

Quartz Surfaces

Granite has been a top seller for quite some time, but quartz just took a hold of first place. As much as we love natural stone, quartz is a surface we adore just as much! Quartz surfaces are a man-made product that is composed of natural materials that possess many benefits. Thus, making them a popular choice for consumers. Don’t know all the benefits of having quartz countertops? Don’t worry we have you covered with our brief overview.



Since quartz surfaces are made up of mostly ground quartz, this makes the surface extremely durable and non-porous. Ultimately resulting in a scratch, bacteria, stain, and heat resistant surface. This surface is a popular choice for families as you can get your countertops absolutely clean and free from harmful bacteria and viruses due to its non-porous design. Quartz surfaces also come in an array of colors and styles that can resemble natural stone and concrete.



Like other countertop options, quartz surfaces can come in different finishes. Finish options include high gloss, matte, leather, suede, velvet, and concrete.



Not only are quartz surfaces well-loved because of their durability, but also because of their carefree maintenance! Simply clean everyday spills with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water or a quartz cleaner. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. For stubborn stains, you can use a nonabrasive brush. Always remember to use hot pads, trivets, cutting boards and coasters for additional protection to ensure the life of your countertops.



Quartz surfaces are commonly used for indoor spaces as countertops, flooring, walls cladding, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds. For large projects that require seaming, seams will be filled with a color-matching adhesive for a nearly seamless look. They will be visible and can be felt. For surfaces that have a more dynamic pattern, seams will be more apparent.

Quartz Surfaces

Quartz surfaces are a great choice for residential and commercial spaces for all of their benefits and vast array of design choices and are the only surface that is non-porous to help keep bacteria away. Let’s keep your loved ones healthy and install quartz surfaces in your home with Cutting Edge Countertops.

For additional information on quartz surfaces and other countertop options, visit our resource tab.


Neolith Blanco Carrara BC02

Compact Surfaces

Want the look of natural stone but don’t want to deal with the care? Then compact surfaces are for you! Here is everything you need to know about one of the most durable surfaces on the market and why it is a great choice for your project.

Different from quartz and natural stone, compact surfaces are made from a mixture of raw materials used in glass, porcelain, and quartz, making them extremely durable and great for indoor and outdoor use.



As a man-made product, compact surfaces have many benefits including being scratch resistant, bacteria resistant, heatproof, and UV resistant.



Like other countertop options, compact surfaces can be customizable with different finishes. These finishes can transform the look of your countertop. Finish options include high gloss, matte, leather, suede, concrete, and more.

Compact Surfaces


Care is quite simple for compact surfaces. Simply clean everyday spills with a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water. To prevent stains, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. For stubborn stains, you can use a nonabrasive brush. Darker colors require more frequent cleaning as dust is more visible. Always remember to use hot pads, trivets, cutting boards and coasters for additional protection.



Since compact surfaces are highly durable applications are nearly endless, including outdoor spaces such as outdoor kitchens, siding, and even facades. Compact Surfaces are more commonly used for indoor spaces as countertops, flooring, walls cladding, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds. For large projects that require seaming, seams will be filled with a color-matching adhesive for a nearly seamless look. They will be visible and can be felt. For surfaces that have a more dynamic pattern, seams will be more apparent.

Compact Surfaces

Compact Surfaces

Compact surfaces are a great choice for residential and commercial spaces for all of their benefits and vast array of design choices.


Here’s our summary of all the things to know about compact surfaces. For additional information on other surface options, visit our resource tab.

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Cutting Edge Countertops Expands It’s Production Capacity


We are proud to announce the consolidation of our hard surface products into its newly expanded 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Perrysburg, Ohio. Set to open in the Spring of 2018, the facility will continue to serve as our company’s headquarters where warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics operations will be centralized to service the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. This will ensure our company’s value proposition of safety, quality, and service are uniform across all state lines for our customers.


“Our company believes the safety, quality, and experience we provide our employees and our customers are the number one priorities for our business,” said Jeff Erickson, Chief Operating Officer for Cutting Edge Countertops.  “Due to the growth of our operations and business, we are expanding into a completely new state-of-the-art facility in Perrysburg that will allow us to uphold our service promise, centralize efforts and create efficiencies that will help put our employees and our customers first,” he added.


Cutting Edge Countertops first began its manufacturing operations in the Perrysburg, Ohio area in 2006. Since then, we have established showrooms in Macomb and Wixom, Michigan, and Indianapolis and Noblesville, Indiana, where we serve both residential and commercial markets.


Within the next three years, Cutting Edge Countertops’ consolidation of manufacturing plants will add approximately 40 jobs and double the company’s production output. “We are at the center of an economy that is driving our business in a positive way and requires us to look for efficiencies during a time where demand and supply are both high,” added Jeff.  “Our customer base is strong and will continue developing but in order to remain competitive during a thriving economy, we are setting a stage for our business to be operationally savvy for the next few decades,” he added.


To commemorate our expansion, we plan on having an event at our new facility later in the fall. The official opening will give our customers an opportunity to tour the new manufacturing and warehousing facility and meet celebrity guests. More details to follow on the plans for this event as it is an exciting time for Cutting Edge Countertops.


Stone inlay sink Better Homes Gardens

Natural Stone

When you think of natural stone countertops, marble and granite are probably the only surfaces that come to your mind. However, there are many more options! For example, soapstone and quartzite are other natural stone surfaces that make great choices for countertops in the kitchen or bath. Natural stone is a classic choice for countertops because of their one-of-a-kind beauty and ease of care. Here is an overview of natural stone and some into depth information on its benefits.


Since natural stone comes from mother nature, each slab is unique with different shade variations, fissures, cracks, chips, pits, and pores. Don’t let this scare you away! This is what makes natural stone so beautiful! Some other great qualities of natural stone are how resistant it is. Natural stone is resistant to scratches, bacteria, stains, heat, and can be used for outdoor spaces. Depending on what finish you choose, it can alter the overall look and resistance of your countertops.


Finishes are the last step of the fabrication process before your slab gets delivered and installed in your home. Depending on your design tastes you can choose if you want your countertops to be smooth, textured, glossy, or have little to no shine and you achieve this is by the finish.
• Polished: To achieve semi-gloss to high-gloss on your surface, polished is the way to go. Stains are less likely to occur on polished countertops, but a potential downfall to having a high shine surface is that scratches are easier to see.
• Honed: Honed is a very popular finish for marble and creates a smooth, velvety, matte look. The benefit of having a honed surface is that scratches are difficult to see, but this makes the surface more susceptible to stains.


Caring for natural stone is simple. You should wipe it daily after use and clean spills with a soft cloth using mild soap and warm water. For more stubborn stains a nonabrasive bristled brush can be used. Always remember to use hot pads, trivets, cutting boards, placemats, and coasters to protect your surface from discoloration, scratches, and staining.


Natural stone can be incorporated in many areas of your home. The most common places are for natural stone to be placed in the kitchens and bathrooms as countertops, but natural stone can be used in outdoor kitchens, as fireplace surrounds, flooring, backsplash and so much more.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone is art and can be admired in many areas of your home. It’s time to add mother nature’s greatest masterpiece into your home with Cutting Edge Countertops.

Check out our resource tab for additional information on natural stone.

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