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New Colors we saw at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2023

The Newest Introductions to Cutting Edge Countertops

This year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) featured new countertop colors from top manufacturers. We were impressed by the vibrant hues, stylish designs and innovative textures displayed – there truly was no shortage of inspiration!

In this blog post, we will be sharing our insights on all the fresh and exciting possibilities with an expanded color palette that popped up at KBIS 2023. Read on to discover hot new colors in kitchen and bath design right now!

Coming from the Latin word ‘Opimus’, the Opimo Collection by Hanstone Quartz presents the abundance of nature’s variety and depth. This new Collection uses the latest technology to create a groundbreaking new chapter in quartz surfaces. This technology captures the depth and translucent qualities of quartzite in a manner that has never been seen in quartz. These new natural color variations offer limitless design possibilities in any space. 

Cutting Edge Countertops is proud to announce the newest colors from Viatera for 2023! These colors are the perfect addition to any home or commercial setting, providing durable and beautiful surfaces that will last for years. With an array of stunning colors and styles, you can create a space that truly reflects your unique aesthetic.

The expanded range of earthy hues perfectly complements any interior design, from warm neutrals to bright pops of color. Not only does Viatera offer superior style and durability, but their proprietary technology makes it resistant to staining and scratching. So go ahead and create a space that celebrates your life – with Viatera Quartz!

The Onirika Collection by Dekton® brings a unique and powerful aesthetic to any space with new compact surface options. This Collection is inspired by the beauty of stones and marbled colors, creating an atmosphere of dreamlike serenity. These new color additions provide a palette of hues that feature bolder shades like fiery reds and brighter blues as well as richer more muted tones like deep burgundy and terracotta. The diverse range of options allows designers, architects and builders to create something truly special – a combination of traditional elegance and modern sophistication to transform any space into something truly astonishing. From living rooms to kitchens, bathrooms to offices, this Collection is sure to bring your vision for beauty and style to life with its captivating dream-like quality.

The potential for home renovations using the new colors from Hanstone, Viatera and Dekton are endless. These colorful options can be an ideal choice for anyone looking to make a statement in their home. Imagine merging modern sophistication with classic functionality in a home and kitchen renovation and setting trends that will be discussed for years to come. Start your next project by browsing these new countertop colors and more on the Cutting Edge Countertops website today!

Viatera Allegro kitchen

The Best Marble Countertop Alternatives

Countertops That Look Like Marble

Have marble countertops been at the top of your list when thinking about your future kitchen or bath remodel? But now that you’re planning and researching you’ve seen the maintenance that marble requires. Marble is a classic natural stone surface and if you don’t mind the maintenance, marble can be a great option for your interior design project. However, if you’re looking for some marble alternatives that offer greater durability, Cutting Edge Countertops has a variety of options to choose from! We have a great list of marble countertop alternatives.  Follow along to get the inside scoop on the marble look alike countertop collections and designs! 

Quartz that Looks Like Marble

White quartz has been extremely popular in recent years and it’s clear why. These marble look-a-like quartz countertops require less maintenance and offer a great variety in terms of veining. We will be breaking down quartz countertops that look like marble by two groups. First, we will dive into the designs that have polished looks. Then, we will jump into the countertop options that are honed, matte and have a suede finish. As a reminder, quartz stone is not recommended by professionals for outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, the colors could fade due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Nevertheless, quartz is still a top choice around the world for any interior design that needs a little luxury kick. 

Let’s start with the polished looks. 

Bianco Calacatta – Combines electric thick veins with a grayish luminous background. Contrast and personality will extend to any space that it touches. It brings a dramatic effect to either a classic or contemporary taste.

Silestone Kitchen Bianco Calacatta
Eternal Bella Beauty Shot

Bella by Silestone – Inspired by the world of natural stone, Eternal Bella includes a personal variation of veins and color to create a unique piece.

Allegro – A lively expression of movement and subtle energy, an homage to cheerful, uplifting music. Fluid long golden veins elegantly interplay withshort veins across an elevated white base. Like a beautiful song lifted along by a gentle breeze, Allegro’s stone-like aesthetic, with its polished finish, is a virtuoso performance sure to enliven any space.

Viatera Allegro kitchen
marble look alike countertops

Italian Waves – Sophisticated creamy pearl background with grey accent for a classic or contemporary style.

Calacatta Marina  – Draws inspiration from the ocean’s vitality, where waves of blues rise, crest and fall with organic beauty. Delicate curvy and jagged pencil veins in two different Navy tones gracefully ascend across a pristine white surface revealing a natural flowing look. Full-bodied wide veins evolve with unexpected fluidity, accentuating natural borderlines as subtle depth and refined pattern variations appear. Fresh and lively, Calacatta Marina brings a splash of daring sophistication to modern and contemporary residential and commercial interior spaces.

Silestone Kitchen HD Desert Silver
marble look

Calacatta Natura – Another Calacatta marble look with a whispy linear kitchen modern design.

Calacatta Gold – Patterned with a blueish and grey vein plus golden shades, Calacatta Gold by Silestone is inspired by one of the most desired natural stones in history due to its whiteness. Eternity and elegance.

Silestone Kitchen Eternal Calacatta Gold x

Now, let’s take a look at a few of the honed/matte/suede finish options:

Marquina SUEDE – With a deep black base and bright white veins, “Marquina” is one of the most exclusive and beautiful marbles found in nature.

eternal marquina install
statuario maximus install

Statuario Maximus – Luxury is exemplified with bold and dynamic veining sweeping across a soft white base.

Pearl Jasmine – Jasmine is a grey-veined white stone with an essence of extreme purity. Everlasting delicacy and strength.

kitchen and bathroom sinks
calacatta nuvo install

Calacatta Nuvo HONED – As Caesarstone’s interpretation of natural Calacatta marble, Calacatta Nuvo brings you wide, elegant, cascading, grey veins on a white base. Calacatta Nuvo makes an unforgettable impression and enhances any interior with a touch of high-end indulgence.

Other Marble Look A Like Kitchen Countertops

There are a ton of options for best marble look alike countertops. Compact Surfaces, for example, are thinner format countertops that emerged in the last decade. Compact Surface countertops offer white veining that look identical to marble. In recent years, we have received many inquiries from homeowners and luxury home builders looking for a more affordable countertop that looks like marble stone. Our collections are designed and each countertop slab is individually picked with one thought in mind to exceed your expectations. Next time you are in the market for a remodel and you are interested in a durable and affordable counter that resembles marble, ask about compact surface countertops!

granite and quartz

Aura – Inspired by traditional Carrara and Calacatta marbles.

Salina (polished) -Inspired by the whimsical salt patterns that low tide leaves on the sand and rocks. These delicate white ridges are materialized in an asymmetrical pattern of gray veins on a white base that reinterprets the classic elegance of Carrara marble.

salina bathroom
marble kitchen

Entzo – Inspired in the famous Calacatta Gold, it creates a color that mix gold hues with the characteristic veins of natural marble against a pure white background. Entzo never leaves anybody unmoved! 

Marina – Marina (velvet) is inspired by the whimsical salt patterns that low tide leaves on the sand and rocks. These delicate white ridges are materialized in an asymmetrical pattern of gray veins on a white base that reinterprets the classic elegance of Carrara marble.

marina outdoor fireplace and flooring

If you’re ready to view some of these designs in person, we have several convenient locations including: Perrysburg, OH (Toledo area); Delaware, OH (serving Columbus and Dayton); Troy and Wixom, MI; and Noblesville and S. Indianapolis, Indiana. Schedule an appointment to visit the countertop showroom nearest you! We look forward to learning about your project and helping you pick the perfect marble-look alike!  Make sure to check out our countertop blog for more related content.

Hands Framing Gradated Custom

Home Improvement Trends to Look for and Expect in 2023

Did you know that 59% of homeowners in the US started a home improvement project in 2020? 

Home renovations and remodels are all the rage right now. But if you are considering doing some home upgrades, you may wonder: what are the top home improvement trends to consider?

Remodeling your home can be a major headache. Yet, when you have a clear vision from the get-go and work with an experienced home remodeling company, a remodel can make your dreams come true.

If you are searching for inspiration for your upcoming home improvement project, you need to keep reading this guide for the top trends in home improvement.

1. Making Room for Larger Windows

In 2022, a major home design trend is bigger-are-better windows. But adding more windows to your home is not enough to check this trend off your list. Consider adding floor-to-ceiling windows to transform your space, too.

Larger windows will give your home a more luxurious feeling. Plus, all that extra natural light can make your rooms feel bigger and more inviting.

Another tip here is to consider more than your typical square window. Archways are another major interior design trend right now. You could incorporate two trends in one with a unique arched window.

2. The Resurgence of the Mudroom

Mudrooms were all the rage in the early 2000s. But since then, these uber-functional entry rooms have fallen out of favor. Now, mud rooms are back, and they are better and more organized than ever before.

The mudrooms of 2022 feature wall-spanning built-ins (more on these next) with room for shoes, raincoats and even umbrellas. These rooms incorporate sinks for washing up or maybe even double as the laundry room space.

And mudrooms are not only a must-have in and of themselves. These rooms are critical for keeping the rest of your home clean, uncluttered and on-trend.

quartz mudroom
stone built in

3. A Renewed Interest in Built-Ins

Speaking of built-ins, this traditional design must-have is back in style for the 2020s. But unlike the useless bookcase-like built-ins of previous decades, the built-ins of the now are way more functional.

Instead, think of built-in cabinets to replace your chunky buffet piece in the dining room. And instead of buying a TV console in the living room, consider a recessed open shelving unit to free up extra space.

Your built-ins do not have to be boring, either. Use contrasting wood for the shelves and drawers, incorporate inlays and onlays or add crown molding for a traditional and elegant look.

4. The Retro-Futurism Design Trend

So, you haven’t heard of retro-futurism when it comes to interior design and home decor? That’s okay because this is the design trend of the future. Retro-futurism will be the predominant style in 2023 and beyond.

But what exactly is retro-futurism? It incorporates modern aesthetics such as geometric patterns, faded fabrics and nostalgic pop art with futuristic themes running through the space’s architecture, technology and lighting.

Retro-futurist homes are ideal for creative people and Sci-Fi lovers alike. And if you do this style right, your home will look trendy for years to come.

Retro Futurism

5. Bringing the Outdoors In

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of feeling close to nature. Perhaps that is why so many homeowners are looking to incorporate nature into their living spaces.

And we do not just mean bringing plants inside. We also mean looking to nature for design inspiration. That could be as simple as utilizing natural materials (stone, linen and wood) or as advanced as changing the blueprint of your home to incorporate more of an organic flow.

A big plus-side to this trend is that nature promotes feelings of relaxation. That way, coming home will always feel like a treat.

6. Eco-Friendly Add-Ons

The eco-friendly movement has finally hit the interior design space. This trend gives home renovators the opportunity to incorporate repurposed materials into their homes.

A way to bring this trend into your home is to choose eco-conscious renovation partners. You can work with companies whose values align with your own and collaborate on a new space you can feel good about.

Wellness Rooms

7. Wellness-Friendly Spaces

Another positive thing that came out of the pandemic is the re-focus on wellness. Many homeowners have been incorporating wellness into their homes. 

We are loving wellness-friendly spa bathrooms and tranquil emotional escape rooms. Even modern home library spaces with built-in shelves can be the wellness retreat you have been needing in your home.

Do not forget to address non-design features, too. For example, improving the air quality and flow in your home can help improve your health and even reduce your risk of viruses.

Whether you are trying to make your home look larger, feel more comfortable or be eco-friendlier, this list has a trend for you. But we have only scratched the surface with these seven incredible home improvement trends for 2022!

Are you ready to incorporate one or more into your home remodel project this year? If so, you may be looking for ‘home improvement stores near me.’

Cutting Edge Countertops has six convenient locations in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana! Schedule an appointment today at one of our showrooms near you! Our experienced team will bring your dream kitchen, bathroom or another space to life.

Images taken by Architectural Digest & @Ellewoodinteriors


Cutting Edge Countertops Nominated for Fabricator of the Year Award

Cutting Edge Countertops Nominated for Fabricator of the Year Award

Stone World’s Fabricator of the Year Award is notoriously the most important in our industry. Stone World has been honoring this award since 1988, as tradition stands, the winner is honored at StoneExpo in Las Vegas in early February. To say we are humbled, honored and proud to have received a nomination for this year’s award is the understatement. As stated by Stone World, the criteria to qualify for this Award include: 

  • Cooperation in sharing technology with the industry
  • Willingness to pioneer in the use of new technology
  • Fostering educational programs for the training of stoneworkers in industry methods
  • Promoting technological progress through association work

Granite countertops are made of different types of stone and quartzite. The many variations in the materials used to make granite make it ideal for use in a wide range of environments. Granite slabs are designed to be durable and strong. The material is also highly resistant to everyday stains and other scuffs. Keeping your granite countertops looking perfect all the time, however, takes more than just cleaning occasionally. But with the right resealing methods, you can keep them looking brand new for years to come.

Our very own Brad Burns cannot say enough positive things about working in the industry and raves about the people he has worked with along the way. It’s safe to say the Cutting Edge Countertops’ team makes Brad extremely proud – enough to share in the nomination. Brad said, “the stone industry is filled with passionate people who really care about one another and have the drive to make a difference.”

Alongside this nomination, Stone World published a Q&A with Brad, where he notes what sets Cutting Edge Countertops apart from competitors:

“Cutting Edge Countertops was built on the hub-and-spoke model. All projects are manufactured and staged in our Perrysburg, OH, facility with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure consistent quality countertop products. All project components are pulled and packaged together and delivered daily to our regional service centers for local installation teams.

With six convenient locations in the Midwest, Cutting Edge Countertops is well-suited for further expansion through hub-and-spoke, along with available highway infrastructure.

Additionally, at Cutting Edge Countertops we believe in building strong relationships. This includes listening to our customers’ needs and providing a consistent customer experience throughout the Tri-State region.”

Finally, Brad notes this nomination would not be possible were it not for co-founders Brian Burns and Jeff Erickson, “along with each of Cutting Edge Countertops’ dedicated employees who strive to be the best at their craft every day.”

Please, if you haven’t already, take a moment to vote for Brad Burns and the Cutting Edge Countertops’ team for the 2022 Fabricator of the Year Award.

Read more from Brad’s Q&A with Stone World, and learn more about the Cutting Edge Countertops difference at our website today. 

Holiday decorating

How to Decorate Your Kitchen for the Holidays

The kitchen is arguably the most-used room of any family home. We use our kitchens several times a day, not just for preparing meals and making snacks, but for getting drinks and doing chores throughout the day. 

Despite this, many of us never think to decorate this all-important part of our homes, even with the holiday season approaching. Decorations tend to be focused in family rooms, entryways and living rooms. This holiday season, enhance those beautiful quartz countertops in your kitchen with some uplifting, seasonal decorations! 

From ornate cutting boards to miniature Christmas trees, decorating countertops can involve both functional and purely aesthetic elements. Here are some top tips and strategies for decorating countertops.

Keep it Minimal

The first thing to keep in mind when you decorate countertops is that less is more.

Unless you’re a professional designer, it can be tempting to include everything you can think of in your decor. This is especially true when you’re excited to decorate for the Christmas season. But spaces look a lot better with breathing room.

As you find things to decorate your countertops with, try starting with your favorite items and add just one at a time until it feels right. Resist the urge to pile on every decorative item you find at once.

Something simple like a minimalist Nativity can bring the holiday spirit to your kitchen without overpowering the tones in your countertops. Something minimal like this could also double as a beautiful housewarming gift for a family or friend who became a new homeowner this holiday season.

Choose a Color Scheme

Another thing to think about upfront is what colors you want to use in your kitchen. The principle of minimalism applies here, too: it’s usually best to select two primary colors and one accent color and build your design from there.

Of course, the colors you choose for your decor will depend on the colors already featured in your kitchen.

For grey quartz countertops, colors like brown, beige, white and cream work nicely. If your kitchen already has white walls, you may want to focus on brown or beige decorations. Or bring the holidays indoors with snowy accents, giving your kitchen an ethereal finish

The good news is holiday-themed colors like red and green work with just about anything. Still, try to choose colors mindfully, and keep it simple. Choosing neutral colors highlighted with red and green features will not only help decorate your kitchen, but also elevate the overall appearance of your decor.


Bring in Some Nature

No matter what colors you use in your kitchen, you can seldom go wrong by bringing in some nature. This is especially true around Christmas time when trees and wreaths can breathe a new sense of life into your kitchen.

Natural decor
acrylic book stand

Display Your Culinary Collections

If you collect cookbooks, cutting boards, platters or other culinary items, your countertop is a great place to store and display your collection. As long as you stick to a complimentary color scheme, anything goes!

Acrylic book displays can help keep a clean look on your countertops while displaying favorite recipes for guests to read. If your holiday gifts include a recipe book, make sure to include a stand like this design so your loved ones can still showcase their beautiful countertops.

Create a Beverage Station

No kitchen is complete without a coffee maker. Make yours a centerpiece unto itself by placing stylish, seasonal mugs, sugar containers and other essentials in a neat array in one section of your kitchen. 

While our quartz countertops are stain resistant, it’s always a good idea to make sure your beverage station can be easily lifted so you can give your countertops a quick wipe down. Doing so will help keep your countertops sparkling no matter the season!

Custom-Made Gift

If you collect cookbooks, cutting boards, platters or other culinary items, your countertop is a great place to store and display your collection. As long as you stick to a complimentary color scheme, anything goes!

Acrylic book displays can help keep a clean look on your countertops while displaying favorite recipes for guests to read. If your holiday gifts include a recipe book, make sure to include a stand like this design so your loved ones can still showcase their beautiful countertops.

marble cheesboard

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or bringing a new style into your kitchen, decorating your kitchen with holiday cheer has never been easier. And if you don’t want to show up empty handed to your holiday parties, a few holiday decorations can be the ultimate gift for new homeowners!

If you are looking to beautify your kitchen or bathroom and increase your home’s value this holiday season, be sure to visit a Cutting Edge Countertops showroom. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Design Consultant today for an extensive countertop selection in Toledo, Ohio; Perrysburg, Ohio; Delaware, Ohio; Troy, Michigan; Wixom, Michigan; Noblesville, Indiana and S.Indianapolis, Indiana!

how to seal granite countertops

How To Seal Granite Countertops

Everything You Need To Know About Sealing Granite Counters


Sealing granite counters is a process that will allow your granite countertops to shine like new and have a long-lasting life. Many homeowners take into consideration the maintenance granite tops require when weighing the different countertop material options. Although it does require some maintenance, granite is still very much worth it because the natural stone adds value and beauty to your home.

Granite countertops are made of different types of stone and quartzite. The many variations in the materials used to make granite make it ideal for use in a wide range of environments. Granite slabs are designed to be durable and strong. The material is also highly resistant to everyday stains and other scuffs. Keeping your granite countertops looking perfect all the time, however, takes more than just cleaning occasionally. But with the right resealing methods, you can keep them looking brand new for years to come.

Is Granite Porous?

Is granite porous? This is one of the top questions asked by homeowners looking for great quality countertops for their kitchen and bath. Kitchen remodeling can be a bit pricey so it is important to do your research and ask a professional natural stone expert all the questions you have prior to making your final decision on the kitchen counters you want. Granite is indeed a porous stone that requires sealing to prevent staining from liquids and harm from regular use. But how do you know whether it is time to reseal your granite countertops again? You can perform the water test on your counters to conclude whether you do in fact need to reseal them.

The Water Test To Determine Whether You Need To Seal Granite Countertops

If you are wondering whether your counters need to be sealed all you have to do is perform this easy and simple water test. Follow the steps below:

  • Take 1/4 of a cup of water and pour it on your granite countertop
  • Time the water from the moment it was poured till the moment it was absorbed
  • If the water did not absorb and it repelled instead then this means you do not need to seal
  • If the water absorbed and there is now a dark spot then this means you should seal granite counters

Granite Water Absorption

  • Instant water absorption means you should apply a few layers of granite sealant annually and wipe off spills quickly
  • 4 to 5 minute water absorption means you will need multiple layers of sealer but you will only have to reseal it every 3 to 5 years. Before you reapply the sealer make sure to use the water test
  • 10 minute water absorption means you will need to apply a layer of sealer and it may be many years until you will need to reapply
  • 30 minute water absorption or no water absorption at all means there is no need for sealer at this time
how to seal granite

How To Seal Granite Countertops

Remember to always test the absorbency of your granite countertops before you seal them. If your counters are absorbing any oils or liquids then a sealer will help prevent any harsh damage to your tops. There is no sealer that is 100% stain proof. A quality sealer will give you enough time to wipe off liquid spills before they stain your countertops. It is important to know that countertop sealer will not make your tops shiny. This is a common misconception. Polishing is what makes your granite counters appear shinier.

Step 1: Perform The Water Test

Refer back to the top of this article to understand and learn how to perform the water test effectively in order to find out whether you will need to seal your granite countertops at this time.

Step 2: Natural Stone Sealer

You will want to search for a sealer made specifically for natural stone so that you will not harm your countertops. Products such as MORETM Surface Care has a great selection of stone-safe options such as the Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector. This cleaner can be purchased in any of the Cutting Edge Countertops Showrooms.

Step 3: Read The Sealer Instructions

Make sure to read through the instructions and warning labels just for your own knowing. Instructions change from sealer to sealer so be sure to follow them respectfully.

Step 4: Clean Granite Countertops

Cleaning granite countertops is a step you must take and not forget about before sealing them. Make sure to read the guide above on how to properly clean your granite countertops or visit our countertop care and maintenance page.

Step 5: Apply The Countertop Sealer Evenly

Take the spray bottle and spray a generous amount of sealer on the countertop and let the sealer absorb into the granite stone for about twenty minutes (check instructions on the bottle for a time amount).

Step 6: Wipe Off The Sealer

Sometime you may need to apply the sealer a second time. A second coat is necessary for certain sealers so make sure to read the bottle to get the appropriate information on this! Now grab a clean cloth that is lint-free and wipe off the sealer from your countertops.

Step 7: Do Not Use The Countertop For 48 Hours

After following all of the instructions in this guide and the requests made on the sealer bottle make sure you leave your countertops alone for 2 full days.

For more content about kitchen design trends, countertop surfaces, bathroom remodels and more visit our blog. You also can contact the Cutting Edge Countertops team today or schedule an appointment to visit one of our showrooms located in Perrysburg, OH, Delaware, OH, Troy, MI, Wixom, MI, Noblesville, IN and S. Indianapolis, IN to assist you with your kitchen or bathroom renovation project.

kitchen and bath month

Getting ready for Kitchen and Bath Month

When it comes to designing a kitchen, bath or any kind of room in your home, there are some things that can change the feel of the space entirely. Countertops are a prime example. Most people will spend time selecting material, colors, styles and designs to make their rooms look new and refreshed.

90% of homeowners say countertops are the first item they look to change when renovating their home. Changing your countertops can give you a whole new look without having to re-paint or install new flooring – and can have a big impact. If you are like most homeowners, you’re probably wondering, how do I get started? Or, how do you know what types of options are available? Well the good news is that this article will cover all these questions and more. So read on for answers!

Begin by Planning

If you are thinking about new countertops, your first step is to begin planning. At Cutting Edge Countertops, we encourage you to view our Inspiration Gallery, along with our Live Inventory to get a feel for what material you may like for your space.

If you are replacing your countertops, we encourage you to take rough dimensions of your current tops. Or, if you are getting new cabinets, it is helpful to have the cabinet dimensions. Then, give us a call to schedule an appointment where one of our experienced Design Consultants will personally meet with you to learn about your project and help you in selecting a countertop material type, color and finish perfect for your lifestyle and design preferences. As we move through the details of your project, our experienced Design Consultant will offer their product knowledge and inspire with ideas and on-trend information.

Start Small

Some homeowners like to start with a small project such as updating an existing bathroom vanity top, or giving a laundry room or mudroom a facelift. Adding a new countertop will update the look of the space, without having to undergo a complete remodel.

Cutting Edge Countertops offers a variety of countertop materials including natural stone (granite, quartzite, marble and soapstone), quartz and compact surface. Explore what material type is best for how you use your space. The possibilities are endless!

Consider your Sink

Updating your sink can be one of the easiest ways to modernize your space. Cutting Edge Countertops offers a variety of sinks — from classic to contemporary — and can be paired with almost any cabinet style or countertop material. Envisioning how a new sink can change the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom has never been easier than with our Visualizer.  You can easily customize the space of your dreams to show how your new countertops will look with AI tools that make your imagination a reality. 

Spruce up your Surroundings

You must think carefully about the surrounding area if you want your home to come to life. For modern homes, you want to keep things simple and sophisticated and can choose a subtle, neutral wallpaper or a statement monotone paint color. Find inspiration in this year’s Color of the Year. 

Another element that plays a part in modern homes is the focus on lines. Your countertops are great for adding depth and texture to the space, so you don’t need to flood the room with hundreds of decorations. 

You can use the countertops as a focal point to draw attention to the linear structure and layout of the room. And, if you feel like adding a dramatic touch,  you can opt for a statement stone that is sure to add a certain flare for anyone bold enough. 

Ultimately, the best way to show off your new countertops is to keep the space open and have lots of natural light. Ideally, you can leave the windows open and have the sunlight streaming in throughout the day.

October is Kitchen & Bath Month and  is all about visual inspiration. As you flip through your favorite magazine or home decor website, be sure to take photos or clip your favorites. Creating a refreshed look at any time of the year can feel like a breath of fresh air – and Cutting Edge Countertops offers many styles and resources for your project, whether it be large or small. Let us help you achieve your dream space. Contact us today to start planning your next home project! 


Using Stone Beyond Countertops – Fireplaces, Outdoor Kitchens and More.

Naturally, stone materials have been used in homes for years. If you take note of your home today, most likely you will find some kind of stone serving as a countertop in your kitchen, or in your bathroom vanity. Due to varying degrees of durability, versatility and manageability, natural and engineered stone has become a staple in most kitchens and bathrooms. While objectively, these are the most common places to incorporate natural stone, quartz or compact surface,  they all share one important trait : they shouldn’t be limited to countertop projects. Whether it be a fireplace surround, outdoor kitchen or mudroom,  using stone beyond the kitchen or bathroom can help elevate and transform your space. 

Fireplace Surround

Add some personality to your living area by creating an accent fireplace surround. Granite is extremely durable and resistant to heat, making it ideal for wood-burning fireplaces. Plus the wide variety of colors and patterns allow you to customize your fireplace to your needs.

If your home opts for gas or electric fireplaces, quartz can add a beautiful, timeless aesthetic to your home. Quartz is an engineered stone and can mimic marble veining, without having to worry about maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor gatherings have never been more popular, and incorporating stone into your outdoor space makes the area even more inviting. Granite is ideal for high-traffic areas, as the scratch and stain-resistance can withstand nearly any weather condition. 

Our compact surface stone also makes for a great outdoor installation. Made from a sophisticated mixture of raw materials used in glass, porcelain tiles and quartz surfaces, compact surfaces are incredibly durable, making them perfect for outdoor environments. This engineered material also withstands high levels of heat, and is very easy to maintain.


Like any other stone placement, location is the biggest determinant of what stone best fits your needs. With mudrooms, you’re likely to expect a lot of traffic, with the coming and going of your household. The durability and low maintenance of quartz and compact surface alike make either of these stones a fabulous option to include in your mudroom. A seating area, countertop space or backsplash, stone accents in a mudroom can transform the look and feel of an otherwise underestimated area.

Plus, depending upon the design, smaller pieces of stone called remnants can be used to elevate the look. Using remnants allows you to save on your project while incorporating a luxurious finish.

Using stone in your home doesn’t have to stop at the most conventional uses. Whether you are considering a  small or large project, Cutting Edge Countertops can help you design your home to fit your needs and match your aesthetic. We have been in business since 2006, and offer an extensive selection of granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, quartz and compact surface with a range of colors to compliment any design. Our team takes great pride in their combined experience to bring your vision to life.  Contact us today to see for yourself how stone can enhance your home.

Summer Looks For Your Home

Summer Looks For Your Home: Stay Within The 2022 Trends

Did you know $15,000 is the average price of a home renovation? Don’t worry if you’re on a strict budget, we are going to show you various changes that you can make in your home to create a sense of newness while staying within your budget.

Renovating your home is a great way to refresh and create a space you love. If your home is outdated or you’re ready for a change, you’ve come to the right place to learn about the latest trends to add to your home.  

Outdoor Spaces

Following the pandemic, people wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. There are ways to transform your outdoor space such as a pool or outdoor shower, or even a fire pit and a hot tub. 

Incorporating an outdoor kitchen is a great way to feel like you have an outdoor escape without leaving your home. Homeowners are gravitating toward the idea of building a simple outdoor entertainment area with a kitchen countertop, grill and other small pleasures to transform a backyard into a dream oasis.

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Creating Bold Spaces

Believe it or not, bold wallpaper is a 2022 trend you don’t want to miss. We aren’t talking about old, outdated, yellowing wallpaper. Bright colors and prints are in! People are using color to express themselves or adding compact surfaces on shower walls or bringing a creative aspect into a space by finishing off a table with a granite or marble top.

Cutting Edge Countertops offers a wide selection of materials including granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, quartzite and compact surface. Contact Cutting Edge Countertops to determine which material is best for your shower wall applications, bathroom vanities, laundry rooms and more.

Going Green

While it might seem hard to believe green is one of the popular trends in 2022, its fresh and natural characteristics draw homeowners to its warm appeal. Bringing green into a space provides a sense of welcoming and belonging into a home and also symbolizes new growth.

Another popular option is to update your kitchen countertops with natural stone, as these surfaces represent the beauty of mother nature and offer an option for a one-of-a-kind stone.

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When you think of green, you may also think of sustainability. Solar panels, new windows, and updated irrigation systems are all on the rise, too. People are quickly realizing that making their homes more sustainable is pretty easy and it can often save you money in the long run!

Home Offices

Now that many people are working from home, offices are a must. People are tired of working out of the guest room and are converting extra spaces into home offices.

Creating a space you love to be in will help get you through the work day. Whether you love bold and bright colors or prefer natural tones in your workspace, a home office is a must in 2022.

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Windows and Mirrors

Another home renovation project that’s easy is adding mirrors. Large mirrors create a space that feels bigger than it actually is. They also can help open up the room to feel more light and airy, which is perfect for rooms in the home that have little to no windows.

Adding windows is a bigger project than just buying mirrors, but people are using this idea to transform their homes. As we’ve seen with a few other trends, capturing the outdoor-feel inside is what people want. When adding windows or upgrading existing ones will allow natural light to enter the home and add a feeling of openness.

Trends in 2022

If you are ready to create a space you love, now is the time to do it. Contact Cutting Edge Countertops today to visit a showroom near you to bring your vision to life!




Are you interested in learning about a honed versus polished finish? Then look no further! When choosing natural stone for countertops there are a lot of choices to make including the stone type, color, edges and the type of finish you prefer. Something as simple as the finish can drastically change the appearance of the stone, and the overall look of your space. To help you determine which finish to select for your project, Cutting Edge Countertops is here to guide you in your choice.

The definition of honed is when the stone slab has been ground to a smooth, flat consistent surface. This finish is created by stopping short of the last stage of polishing, leaving the stone with a non-shiny, matte look and velvet-like touch. The definition of polished is just the opposite! A polished surface creates a beautiful glossy shine from the natural reflection of the stone’s crystals. An alternative to marble-like countertops, such as quartz, can offer the beautiful look and feel of marble, with increased durability and less overall maintenance. Marble-like countertops are offered in a variety of colors, and can be either honed or polished depending on your lifestyle needs.


Honed Marble Countertop Characteristics:

Since honed marble is a matte finish it is more resistant to scratches. Even if honed marble does get scratched, it is less noticeable because the scratch won’t be as easy to see when light reflects off it, like it would on a polished surface. On the other hand, honed stone is more susceptible to stains, so it is important to wipe up spills immediately. Additionally, a matte finish is less slippery than polished when wet, making it a great choice for flooring.

Honed Stone Recap:

  • Looks: Matte
  • Feel: Velvet/Satin
  • Durability: Scratch resistant, but easily stained
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning with soap and water; clean up spills immediately and it is suggested to re-seal over time
  • Suggested Application: Countertops and high traffic areas, such as floors for the bathroom, foyer or living room
Honed Finish


Polished Countertop Characteristics:

Polished stone is coated which acts as a protectant, making it less susceptible to stains. Consequently, the highly reflective surface means it’s more visible to scratches. Since polished stone is very smooth, this makes it a dangerous option for flooring in high traffic areas or bathrooms because it can be very slippery when wet. It is, however, a classic choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Polished Marble Recap:

  • Look: Glossy and Shiny
  • Feel: Smooth
  • Durability: Scratch and etch easily, but more stain-resistant
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning with soap and water; wipe up spills immediately
  • Suggested Application: Kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds and walls

For more content about kitchen design trends, countertop materials, bathroom remodels and more visit our blog. You also can contact the experienced team at Cutting Edge Countertops to schedule an appointment to visit one of our showrooms located in Perrysburg, Delaware (limited appointments available) Troy, Wixom, Noblesville or S. Indianapolis to assist you with your upcoming build or renovation project. 

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