Technological Quartz is a product of exceptional resistance and stunning beauty. Compac offers the feel and appearance of natural quartz stone but with an even better performance thanks to it’s high-resistance. Compac quartz comes in an extensive range of designs, colors, and patterns. It is the ideal material for kitchen countertops, walls, floors, and many different types of indoor surfaces that have to stand tall against intensive use. The elegance of Compac quartz countertops is one of a kind. The resistance to impact, hardness, and durability are ideal for spaces that must withstand against the elements and daily use of the kitchen. They have minimal absorption and are very easy to clean. These high-quality countertops are also low maintenance which makes it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The extreme resistance of Compac Quartz to acids, oils, and abrasion is truly unparalleled. If you are looking for aesthetic versatility, variety in design, thickness, size options, ornamentations, & exclusive colors that will blend well with other materials then Compac quartz are a great option.

Given the exceptional mechanical and physical properties of Compac surfaces, the regular maintenance that may be a burden with other materials, is not a problem with this countertop. You will only have to clean your counters with a neutral pH products or detergents. Followed by a quick rinse with lukewarm water and dry. When you are trying to remove any waste or remains such as wine, vinegar, oil, lemon, etc. take a cloth dipped in lukewarm water and some neutral pH detergent and wipe away. Rinse with some water and then dry the surface. This is one of the best countertop materials out there because engineered stone is one of the toughest stones in the industry that will last you a lifetime with the proper care.

compac quartz

Available Edges

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  • Edge/Corner Profiles
  • Shape Design
  • Sinks/Faucets


  • Chip Minimizer
  • Safety Corners
  • Sealing
  • Overhang Calibration


  • Dishwasher Brackets
  • Plumbing
  • Removal
  • Plastic Top


  • Digital Layouts
  • Seams
  • Non-ground Level
  • Heavy Pieces