Gray quartz countertops will make your kitchen stand out! Are you a homeowner, a builder, or a contractor looking for grey countertops for your commercial or residential properties? Cutting Edge Countertops has the best quality gray countertops in the nation. We are teamed up with the top brand from around the world and only offer the most durable grey countertop selection to our customers. Our gray countertop collection comes in a variety. We have many different patterns, colors, and textures for you to select from. Quartz countertops are the leading material that most homeowners choose because of its outstanding qualities which include durability and easy maintenance. If you are looking for a countertop option that comes in a variety of options then look no further. Cutting Edge Countertops will pair you up with a professional grey quartz countertop expert to walk you through the gorgeous selection that we have!

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How Long Do Gray Quartz Countertops Last?

Quartz is the most abundant mineral or crystal rock in the entire planet and it is also the top kitchen and bathroom option for countertops in the home. Not like granite or natural stone, quartz actually comes with many benefits or advantages and that is why it is a very popular choice in the industry. Quartz stone is an abundant mineral that is engineered or manmade to best fit the vision in your mind on how you want your countertops to look. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is crucial in any home. The interior should match the outside beauty of your home and that is why Cutting Edge Countertops is the best in the world. We recognize the importance of the aesthetic that countertops must have. This is the reason why we will only offer you the best brands in the industry. If you take care of your grey quartz countertops, they can last. It is only a matter of making sure that you are careful when coming in contact with them. Clean them with a wet soapy towel and do not use harsh chemicals on them.


Grey Quartz Is Chemically Inanimate

Quartz being chemically inert is just another way of saying that it will not respond to most synthetic substances out there. Because of this being the situation, you don’t need to worry a whole lot about citrus juices, wine, and vinegar. This does not mean you should let them sit on your countertops after a spill. You should still wipe the spills off immediately because quartz resists stains meaning they still can suffer damages. A few substances you should look out for are bleach and dyes because they are inconceivably brutal and will, truth be told, harm your grey quartz ledges.


Maintenance Is Simple For Dark And Light Gray Quartz

Countertops get the same amount of harm and maltreatment just as much as floors do. The maltreatment might be more prominent when considering the basic utilization of blades, day by day cleaning, and hot cooking pots and skillets. Generally, gray quartz countertops are quite simple to keep up with, in light of the fact that they are in certainty, nonporous material. This makes cleaning simple. Marble and granite rock are permeable so this implies they absorb fluids, in contrast to quartz. Fluid absorption implies there will be recolors in your gray quartz countertops. When you are cleaning your gray quartz countertops, all you will need is a towel, dipped in soap and water. After having done this, you can start wiping them off.

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Dark Gray Quartz Design

The extraordinary thing about grey quartz is that there is such a large variety of styles and surfaces to look over. Grey quartz brings such an assortment and a wide choice to pick from. This countertop has over X different grey quartz alternatives for your washroom and kitchen countertops. The high quality found in grey quartz is one that is unquestionably difficult to beat in light of the fact that very few alternatives can bring such a quiet and welcoming condition to your home like grey quartz can! This rich and amazing countertop choice is one that you essentially cannot go wrong with.

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The Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors

If you have decided to go with our grey quartz collection, we invite you to come out and visit our showroom. You can get a live look at the gorgeous countertop options that we have including marble, granite, solid surfaces, natural stone, compact surfaces, and much more.

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Engineered Quartz Countertop Cost

Since quartz is such an abundant stone on our planet, it comes in a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and designs. This engineered stone can be made to fit the perfect style and design of your kitchen. No matter the kind of appliances or decor that you have, you can get your grey quartz made just the way you like. With such a large variety and assortment of colors and options, the cost range is different all around the world. To find affordable quartz counters, reach out to us today!