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Home Remodeling Pros Explain How To Make Your Airbnb Stand Out From The Rest

Home Remodeling experts have realized how much popularity Airbnb rentals are getting. Airbnb’s are gaining a tremendous amount of momentum and exposure. People traveling on vacation are now comparing and contrasting the differences between an Airbnb and a hotel. We find that Airbnb’s can be more affordable and potentially nicer for the price. With the high demand for Airbnb rentals and the popularity of people wanting to list their property as an Airbnb for extra cash, we have decided to help shed light on how to make your listing stand out from the rest! If you take a look at the Airbnb app, you will see beautiful listings with incredible views and amenities. vacation home rentals offer you a homey experience that most travelers search for. We find that the Airbnbs that are rented out the most have a very comfy homey look and feel. So what will it take in order for your listing to be the one that travelers choose? Follow along with the top-rated home remodeling specialists for the 411.

5 Features Every Traveler Looks For In An Airbnb:

  • Outstanding Wifi Connection: Most travelers may be on vacation but they will often times want to still be connected. Whether they are on a family trip or traveling for business, Wifi is a major pro or con that will ultimately make the difference. Kids, adults, and even toddlers are always using the internet to stay connected to the world. Having Wifi will significantly increase the chances of your listing appealing to the traveler. Even though most people have their own internet hotspots, providing free wifi as an amenity will make you really stand out!
  • Comfortable Beds: This is key! You are more likely to get a positive review from past renters if you have a bed that is very comfortable. Many people suffer from sensitive backs or having back problems so it is very important to have high-quality beds. You must spend money to make money so take a trip to a mattress store and look for a bed that you believe guests will really enjoy! After all, nobody wants to wake up on the wrong side of the bed! Your home remodel does not have to be expensive. Simply look for the best offers when shopping. 
  • Free Closet Space & Hangars: No matter the reason for which your guests decided to pick your Airbnb, it is better to be safe than sorry so provide them with space to hang their clothes. Sometimes guests may need the room for a few days so make your Airbnb as homey as possible by including free closet space and hangars. 
  • Coffee Keurig: Most people cannot start their morning without a nice hot cup of coffee. It is truly the little things that make the biggest difference. I would really suggest leaving a coffee Keurig and cups available to your guests. It is very courteous and thoughtful. This is not something a lot of listing have so the more “free” stuff the merrier. 
  • Clean Towels: Although most guests may bring their own towels, I recommend leaving clean white towels anyway just in case they absolutely need some. You can also go as far as to provide the small soap, shampoo, and conditioner samples. This will truly make your place stand out from the rest.
marble kitchen

Appealing Airbnb Pictures That Do It, Justice.

Do not catfish your guests but still make your Airbnb look appealing! Make sure to get all of the right angles and capture pictures that make your listing appealing and desirable. You may have the best home remodeling ever but without great pictures, nobody will be able to tell. Anytime you are starting a new rental, keep in mind the different home remodeling ideas that you can implement to make your place look homey, classy, high-end, and fresh. Consider getting creative with your photography. Maybe add flower vases, picture frames, and other ornaments to go with the theme of your home. The smallest details can be the ones that attract and appeal to your guests the most. Really take your time to think of the overall theme and what you want the rental to look like. We encourage you to think about the all-white or all-black theme. Keep your listing updated and as modern as you can. Your home decor should be seen by the world.

Decorating The Airbnb Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home next to the bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room. Your guests have to eat. If you renting out the entire home then make sure that the kitchen looks great! We will list below some quick tips and tricks for the best kitchen home remodeling!

Kitchen Countertops

Make sure your countertops are clean and shiny! Whether you have quartz, marble, or granite, there is a practical way to clean your countertops to make them look new and shiny! Grab a soft towel and dip it in soapy water and wipe off your counters! If you need repairs or new countertops then make sure to contact the best kitchen countertop experts in the nation.

Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets old and worn out? No worries, simply look for a local cabinet supplier to help you get new ones. A lot of times, cabinet suppliers have sales and promotions going on that will save you a lot of money on your home remodeling project. Make sure to ask whether it is necessary for you to get new kitchen cabinets. Sometimes a nice cabinet refacing will do.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks can rust and get pretty worn throughout time. This can really turn off your guests and you may end up with a bad review. Take the time to change your kitchen sinks and find ones that will last you a long time. Cutting Edge Countertops offers a wide variety of kitchen sink options for you to choose from. Do not be limited to only stainless steel. We have different materials like marble, quartz, granite and more.

Clean Your Kitchen

Last but certainly not least, make sure you are cleaning your kitchen thoroughly. Double check to make sure the carpet stains or any stains at all are gone! I once came across an Airbnb review from a guest who gave them 3 star because they found a stain on the living room carpet. While this may seem a bit extreme, it is completely understandable because imagine paying good money to stay at a place on your vacation time and you find stains on the carpet or on the bed sheets. This can really freak out some people.

It is best to simply update and clean the rental the best you can and avoid late night complaints.

white kitchen
Quartz that Looks Like Marble

Bedroom Appeal And Cleanliness

Home remodeling can be a pain or it can be extremely fun. It is truly all perspective. You can have a blast with the bedroom decor and design by getting really creative! If you are not sure where to begin, we suggest writing down ideas on how to make the bedroom feel as homey as possible. We already covered having a nice cozy bedroom mattress so what comes next? You guessed it! The sheets and comforter! Think back to a time when you checked in at a hotel. What color were the sheets, comforter, and towels? That’s right. They are always white. White brings a sense of cleanliness that you will not find with orange, yellow, or purple. We suggest going with a white theme. It is nice to be able to see that the items you are using are clean and stain free. This is something you cannot really tell when you have other colors. Also look into adding picture frames and other bedroom decors to enhance the appeal of your home. If you already have a white kitchen then what better way to match than with an all-white bedroom!

All-White Bathroom

Not only is the all-white bathroom the most modern and latest home remodeling trend in 2019 but it is one that stands out to the guest. All white doors, cabinets, countertops, floors, and walls stick out tremendously. You cannot go wrong with an all-white bathroom but we do however want you to keep in mind that you should be careful with care and maintenance. Call us today to help your with your home remodeling project! 888.515.TOPS