LivingStone® a private, vertically integrated company manufacturing, marketing and distributing solid surface sheets and sinks.

54 Exceptional colors, large enough to coordinate with any project yet small enough to provide exceptional value. Molecule for molecule, LivingStone® is identical to other leading brands of 100% acrylic solid surface, but there is a difference. We work smarter to bring you a high performance surfaces at a price the other leading brands can’t match. We research the market to find the solid surface colors that are best-sellers. And those are the only colors we manufacture and stock. We call it the LivingStone® SmartPalette™. With only best-sellers to choose from, it’s easy to choose a color with confidence. Every 100% acrylic color of LivingStone® is a best-seller. So any color you choose from our SmartPalette™ is sure to enhance the appeal and resale value of your property. And odds are that your family, friends and future prospective buyers will love the color you choose as much as you do.

LivingStone® 100% acrylic countertops are non-porous, so germs and odors cannot penetrate. LivingStone® is easy to clean and maintain-just wipe it down with equal parts water and bleach. LivingStone® is also stain and impact resistant, stains simply cannot penetrate and LivingStone® never requires sealing like granite. And compared to other materials it offers the beauty and elegance you want at a price that won’t break your budget.

livingstone countertops

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  • Chip Minimizer
  • Safety Corners
  • Sealing
  • Overhang Calibration


  • Dishwasher Brackets
  • Plumbing
  • Removal
  • Plastic Top


  • Digital Layouts
  • Seams
  • Non-ground Level
  • Heavy Pieces