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Artisans, architects and designers alike have long turned to the beauty of marble to provide them the elegance and drama they demand for their masterpieces. Whether it’s used in classic cathedrals or contemporary kitchens, marble’s mix of unique veining and its hallmark white-­based hues affords any environment with instant sophistication.

A form of limestone transformed through the heat and pressure of metamorphism into a dense, variously colored, crystallized rock, marble is coveted for the uniquely elegant surface it provides. And at Cutting Edge Countertops, our process ensures you’ll get the precise pattern you want for your environment.

As part of our process, the premium marble countertops in our exclusive Edge Collections are available to be delivered and installed to you in an expedited manner.



Marble Colors

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Marble Countertops

Home remodeling is very common amongst homeowners that want to add value to and beauty to their homes. The bathroom and the kitchen are the rooms that are seen the most according to home improvement experts. The kitchen is also a room that is used almost everyday where families can come together to prepare a hot meal and just relax with food on hand. With so much time being spent in the kitchen and in the bathroom, it can be a good thing to consider remodeling and upgrades for your home! Although homeowners normally think countertops and granite are one and the same, do not forget about the very beautiful natural stone known as marble!

Marble Countertop Care

One thing we as homeowners can all agree on is that bathroom vanity countertops or kitchen marble countertops can be pricey investments, nevertheless, they are extremely worth it! Marble stone is one of the most dazzling natural stone countertop options in the world! Its beautiful aesthetic separates it from the rest. Protecting your marble countertop against stains or even etching can take some effort but it most certainly is not a hard task for homeowners to master!

1. Sealing Marble Countertops

The reason we recommend sealing your marble countertops is that it repels staining liquids or staining agents. Sealing does not make this natural stone proof of stains so you still have to be careful! You want to watch out for acid like products such as vinegar, lemon juice, citrus liquids, and tomatoes because they will etch your marble. Do not let them sit on your countertops, instead look for a butching board.

2. How To Clean Marble

How to clean marble is a very popular question that is searched for on Google on a monthly basis. Many homeowners wonder but do not know the proper way to clean their marble countertops without staining or etching the stone. Stay away from cleaners that are abrasive or acidic. If you are looking to get rid of harsh stains then you may want to consider using poultice paste. You take the paste and spread over the stain on your marble countertop and them cover it with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap should be sealed with a kind of painter’s tape. After it dries for about twelve to twenty-four hours, you can wipe it off with a dampened cloth. If the stain is not coming off then continue trying this method.

Available Marble Edges

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