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The Best Way To Clean Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite is a top choice for natural stone countertops due to its variety of rich colors and natural patterns. Another popular characteristic of granite is that it is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear, particularly against scratching and heat. That is if you take proper care of it! Here are our top recommendations on caring for your granite countertops!

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Important Things to Know About Cleaning Granite Countertops

1. Make sure your granite countertop is sealed

A part of the maintenance for granite countertops is ensuring that they are sealed regularly. This step in keeping your countertops clean is the most important because unsealed or weakly sealed granite will soak up spills and stains. If you are feeling unsure on whether or not it is time to have your granite countertops resealed you can conduct a simple test at home. You will want to leave a few drops of water on the surface and if after a few minutes the water has soaked into the granite, then it’s time to reseal the stone. Be sure to contact a professional for information about resealing your countertops to avoid any further damage.

2. Use a gentle cloth

A gently cloth is key when wiping down your granite countertops daily. You will want to avoid abrasive sponges that can potentially scratch and damage your stone over time. We recommend using warm water, mild or gentle soap and a microfiber cloth.


3. Do not use harsh cleaners

Popular household cleaning items such as Windex, bleach and vinegar may be tempting to use on your countertop but these harsh chemicals can cause damage. Regular use of acidic cleaners or anything with ammonia will cause your countertop to lose its shine and quickly weaken the sealant. Remember, warm water, mild or gentle soap and a microfiber cloth is the perfect combination for cleaning your countertops daily!


4. Granite safe cleaner

If you are interested in a granite cleaner you may be overwhelmed with the amount of options on the market. Our knowledgeable staff can help you sift through the options and ensure that you are getting a safe product. We also offer a product for purchase in each of our Showrooms.  Contact us with any questions you may have!

Following these guidelines will help you not only keep your countertop clean but maintain their beauty by avoiding abrasive and harsh cleaning products. Be sure to follow along on our blog for more helpful tips, stone information and design inspiration!

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5 Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Are you ready to put that sparkle and shine back into your kitchen? Here are our top tips on how to maintain a clean space!

1. Cleanse and Clear Your Countertops

Start off by decluttering those countertops. Remove any small appliances, decor and cooking utensils from your surface. After removing everything, give your countertops and backsplash a good deep clean. Wipe away all the dust, crumbs and grime that may have been missed over the past few months from cooking.

If you have quartz countertops, use a soft cloth with mild liquid soap and warm water, or a quartz cleaner. With tougher stains, you may need to use a non-abrasive brush and srub lightly. To remove soap scrum, use a non-acidic scum remover to avoid damaging your countertops. Finish by giving your quartz countertops a good wipe down with a clean damp cloth and towel dry in order to prevent spotting.

For compact surface countertops, you can follow many of the same rules that apply to cleaning quartz countertops. Clean your compact surface countertops with a compact surface cleaner or if you don’t have one use a soft cloth using a mild liquid soap and warm water. If soap scum is an issue, be sure to use a non-acidic soap scum remover. For more difficult stains, use a non-abrasive soft bristled brush and scrub lightly. Always rinse and towel dry to finish up.

Natural stone countertops such as granite and marble you can use a natural stone cleaner to remove most residues or a soft cloth using a mild liquid soap and warm water. For stubborn stains, use a soft non-abrasive bristled brush and scrub lightly to avoid scratching the surface. To remove soap scum, use a non-acidic soap scum remover. Be sure to rinse and towel dry the surface to prevent the countertop from absorbing any leftover liquids.

2. Clean Your Appliances

After cleaning your countertops, you don’t want to ruin all your hard work by putting dirty appliances back on them. Give your small appliances a good wipe down to remove any dirt and dust that may have accumulated over time. Then move to your stove, over and fridge. Give those burners new life and be sure to take out the fridge drawers. It’s time to get off all of that baked-on gunk and remove those stains.

3. Fabulous Floors

Sweeping the floors is a part of many homeowners daily routines but now is a chance to really clean and disinfect. Go the extra step of washing your rugs and be sure to mop! When mopping pay attention to cracks, corners and the grout in your flooring. You’ll feel like you have a brand new kitchen afterward!

4. Reorganize Your Kitchen Drawers

When we are in a rush to clean our kitchen we often resort to dumping everything into the drawers. But over time crumbs and dust accumulate under all those kitchen items that we have tucked away. It’s time to go through them, purge all the junk and give the insides a wipe down. This is also a good time to clean and reorganize any utensil drawer organizers!

5. Let in the Light and Fresh Air

Last but certainly not least, open a few windows to allow fresh air to circulate through your home. Outdoor air can remove any unwanted odors that may be lingering and is also great for your health. Opening up your windows will also let in some natural light which will help show off the beautiful sparkle and shine to your clean kitchen!

Take it step by step, you don’t have to clean it all in a day! Now, get out there, clean and start enjoying your fresh kitchen!

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips In The Spring For Spotless Sinks And Countertops

Kitchen Cleaning Tips For The Spring: Spotless Sinks & Countertops

The best kitchen cleaning tips for a cleaner home in the Spring! Are you looking for the proper way to clean your countertops and sinks without causing any damage? Often times we have had homeowners asking about the right way to clean their counters and sinks. Why is this such an important topic to cover? Well, we see a lot of people damage their counters because they used an abrasive cleaner. There are so many different ways that you can damage your countertops and this is why learning about the right care and maintenance matters so much! Cleaning your sinks and countertops does not have to be difficult. It is actually pretty easy and fast.

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When you walk into any kitchen remodeling showroom, you will see a large amount of countertop and sink options for your home. Seeing the variety of countertops out on the market is what scares people especially if they have two different types of surfaces in their homes. People are afraid to clean their countertops because they are not sure whether there are different ways to do so for different materials. Keep your sinks and surfaces looking good this Spring with this easy guide filled with the best kitchen cleaning tips. Follow along with Cutting Edge Countertops.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks The Safe Way

sinks for kitchen

If you have stainless steel sinks in your kitchen and you are ready to make them sparkle then follow along. The sinks at Cutting Edge Countertops are very high-quality which means they cannot be cleaned like any regular old sinks. The cleaning process is still pretty easy. Below we will list the different items and the directions that you will need. Follow the steps below and you will have sparkly clean kitchen sink in no time!

Items You Will Need:



Baking soda


Paper towels

Olive oil

Directions For Spotless Kitchen Sinks

  1. Give the kitchen sink a fast wash & rinse. Make sure to remove any dishes & remaining food bits from the drain. Now, sprinkle your kitchen sink with some baking soda. Scrub the basin using a soft sponge. Baking soda will softly clean your kitchen sink without scratching the stainless steel.
  2. Rinse your kitchen sink with some vinegar (expect fizz and bubbling). Vinegar will naturally disinfect & remove any hard water stains in the stainless steel sink. Now you can lightly rub the sink with a sponge & rinse away with water.
  3. Take some orange peel or lemon & rub the whole sink basin. Rub the citrus peel against your kitchen sink, which will help the sink smell better and the basin shine.
  4. Finish up by buffing the sink using a paper towel & a small bit of olive oil. The sink will remain fresh for several weeks.

Get Spotless Marble & Granite Countertops

granite kitchen countertops delicatus white augusta ga east coast granite marble

What You Will Need:

Dish soap


Microfiber Cloths


Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking Soda

Plastic Wrap

Directions For Clean Marble And Granite Counters

Use a mix of luke-warm water & mild dish soap for your daily cleaning. Use a micro-fiber towel to bring more shine to the stone. Stay away from any abrasive/ acidic cleaner because they will strip the sealer & etch your stone. Keep your marble tops and granite kitchen counters looking like new.

Clean Your Laminate Tops & Make Them Shine

clean laminate countertops

What You Will Need:


Mild household cleaner

Baking soda

Microfiber Cloths

Directions On How To Clean Your Laminate Counters:

Clean your laminate countertops using a damp soft cloth & mild countertop cleaner. Keep from using acidic liquids or cleaners and scouring pads as well. Simply rub the countertops using the items listed above and rinse with water.

For more information on how the latest kitchen cleaning tips, check out our blog.

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