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Kitchen And Bathroom Sinks 101

The Different Sizes Of Kitchen And Bathroom Sinks

Do you need new kitchen and bathroom sinks for your home renovations? At Cutting Edge Countertops we provide high-quality countertops with outstanding craftsmanship and sinks from top manufacturers. Selecting the right kitchen sink is an important decision with many choices to make along the way. While choosing what material you want or if you prefer straight or rounded edges are important choices, one of the very first steps is to determine which style you’ll benefit from. Cutting Edge Countertops offers a complete line of sinks and accessories. From stainless steel, composite or porcelain, our selection of sinks come in nearly every size and configuration to meet every budget and lifestyle.

Kitchen Sink Sizes And Configurations

First, let’s start with the basics of kitchen and bathroom sink sizes. There are commonly three different options: 50/50, 60/40, single bowl and apron front sinks.


A very popular option for the kitchen, a double bowl 50/50 sink is perfect for multi-tasking due to its two equally sized basins. Although this offers greater flexibility in use, cleaning larger dishes may be more difficult than in a single basin sink.


A double basin 60/40 sink features two different sized sections that give you the flexibility of having two compartments while also including enough space to wash oversized dishes in the larger basin.

Single Bowl Sink

A single bowl sink can be favorable in terms of space when performing one task and makes cleaning large dishes much easier. If you’re looking to have numerous tasks going on at once, you may benefit more from a multiple basin sink.

Apron Front Sink

Also known as farmhouse sinks, the defining characteristic of an apron front sink is a large, forward-facing side that replaces a section of the counter and cabinetry. This sink is available in a single or double basin styles and add charm to any kitchen design.

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This is the first decision you need to make when it comes to choosing a kitchen or bathroom sink. Are you a one compartment family or do you like two? Was your previous sink everything you wanted or was it missing something?

Sink Materials

Next, you need to decide what you would like your sink to be made out of. There are three classic materials. Stainless steel,  porcelain, and composite.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Porcelain Sinks

Composite Sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks
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Stainless Steel Sinks

  • Compliments nearly any color or style
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Unlikely to stain
  • Durable as it won’t chip, crack or fade
  • Heat resistant
  • Affordable
  • Envoirmentally friendly

Porcelain Sink Benefits

  • Available in white or ivory glossy finish
  • Adds a timeless feel
  • Can last the lifetime of a home
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Can contain recycled material
  • Resistant to corrosion and discoloration

Composite Sink Benefits

  • Available in variety of matte color options
  • Durable as it won’t scratch, dent or stain
  • Heat resistant
  • Non-porous surface sink
  • Retains its color well
  • Less expensive than natural granite sinks
  • Enviormentally friendly

Protect Your Kitchen And Bathroom Countertops

Protect the beauty of your natural stone or quartz countertop with our chip minimizer sink cutout! The most common countertop service calls are to repair chips found along a sink’s edge. These re- pairs generally cost $400 – $600. By simply choosing a 4.5x lower profile, rounded edge around a sink you can avoid these costly repairs and keep your stone looking flawless. Only available on Quartz & Natural Stone.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Choosing your perfect sink!

We’d like to invite you to visit one of our five showrooms located in Troy, Wixom, Perrysburg, S. Indianapolis and Noblesville to view our sink collection along with the extensive material selection including Quartz, Granite, Quartzite, Marble and Compact Surface available at our showrooms. Our experienced showroom staff provide superior customer service and are ready to offer their product knowledge and inspire with ideas and on-trend information. They’re ready to assist you today!

For more content about kitchen design trends, countertop surfaces, bathroom remodels and more visit our blog.

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips In The Spring For Spotless Sinks And Countertops

Kitchen Cleaning Tips For The Spring: Spotless Sinks & Countertops

The best kitchen cleaning tips for a cleaner home in the Spring! Are you looking for the proper way to clean your countertops and sinks without causing any damage? Often times we have had homeowners asking about the right way to clean their counters and sinks. Why is this such an important topic to cover? Well, we see a lot of people damage their counters because they used an abrasive cleaner. There are so many different ways that you can damage your countertops and this is why learning about the right care and maintenance matters so much! Cleaning your sinks and countertops does not have to be difficult. It is actually pretty easy and fast.

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When you walk into any kitchen remodeling showroom, you will see a large amount of countertop and sink options for your home. Seeing the variety of countertops out on the market is what scares people especially if they have two different types of surfaces in their homes. People are afraid to clean their countertops because they are not sure whether there are different ways to do so for different materials. Keep your sinks and surfaces looking good this Spring with this easy guide filled with the best kitchen cleaning tips. Follow along with Cutting Edge Countertops.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks The Safe Way

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If you have stainless steel sinks in your kitchen and you are ready to make them sparkle then follow along. The sinks at Cutting Edge Countertops are very high-quality which means they cannot be cleaned like any regular old sinks. The cleaning process is still pretty easy. Below we will list the different items and the directions that you will need. Follow the steps below and you will have sparkly clean kitchen sink in no time!

Items You Will Need:



Baking soda


Paper towels

Olive oil

Directions For Spotless Kitchen Sinks

  1. Give the kitchen sink a fast wash & rinse. Make sure to remove any dishes & remaining food bits from the drain. Now, sprinkle your kitchen sink with some baking soda. Scrub the basin using a soft sponge. Baking soda will softly clean your kitchen sink without scratching the stainless steel.
  2. Rinse your kitchen sink with some vinegar (expect fizz and bubbling). Vinegar will naturally disinfect & remove any hard water stains in the stainless steel sink. Now you can lightly rub the sink with a sponge & rinse away with water.
  3. Take some orange peel or lemon & rub the whole sink basin. Rub the citrus peel against your kitchen sink, which will help the sink smell better and the basin shine.
  4. Finish up by buffing the sink using a paper towel & a small bit of olive oil. The sink will remain fresh for several weeks.

Get Spotless Marble & Granite Countertops

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What You Will Need:

Dish soap


Microfiber Cloths


Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking Soda

Plastic Wrap

Directions For Clean Marble And Granite Counters

Use a mix of luke-warm water & mild dish soap for your daily cleaning. Use a micro-fiber towel to bring more shine to the stone. Stay away from any abrasive/ acidic cleaner because they will strip the sealer & etch your stone. Keep your marble tops and granite kitchen counters looking like new.

Clean Your Laminate Tops & Make Them Shine

clean laminate countertops

What You Will Need:


Mild household cleaner

Baking soda

Microfiber Cloths

Directions On How To Clean Your Laminate Counters:

Clean your laminate countertops using a damp soft cloth & mild countertop cleaner. Keep from using acidic liquids or cleaners and scouring pads as well. Simply rub the countertops using the items listed above and rinse with water.

For more information on how the latest kitchen cleaning tips, check out our blog.

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Find Inspiration With These Top Kitchen Sinks For Your Home

Top Kitchen Sinks From Cutting Edge Countertops

Looking for the top kitchen sinks for your beautiful home? You can find quality and affordable undermount sinks at Cutting Edge Countertops. Our sinks are top-class and highly-rated across the United States. Sinks come in a variation of styles and designs which is why we have taken the time to get to know the top suppliers in the nation with the effort to bring you the absolute best. Sinks are an essential part of every kitchen remodel. With the top kitchen sinks from CECTOPS you can bring your vision of a perfect kitchen to life. Follow along to get a glimpse of the latest and trendiest stainless steel kitchen sinks!

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Choosing From The Best Kitchen Sinks For Your Unique Design

Your kitchen is not just a place where you go to cook. The kitchen is also a place where the family can get together to create memories that will last a lifetime. It is also the perfect space to hang out with your friends and drink coffee when you are wanting to catch up. Many homeowners enjoy watching TV in the kitchen as well while they munch on a little snack. It is safe to say that the kitchen is more than just a room to cook and prep a meal. It is a common area where you can relax and just be. Finding the design and style that fits best for you is important and that is why we offer the top kitchen sinks in the industry. We want you to have a large variety to choose from. Remodeling your space is a great way to increase the appeal of the home. With the help of the top kitchen designers, you can bring your dream kitchen to life.

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High-Quality Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The most popular sink style is the undermount stainless steel kitchen sink. This is because it is made from a high-quality material that will compliment any style and design. The stainless steel material comes in a variety of different gauges. A kitchen sink with a higher gauge basically means that the steel is thinner. But not like other materials, stainless steel sinks are actually light-weight. This means that a sink made from thicker steel will still be lighter than cast iron or granite. The top kitchen sinks are created from stainless steel and they offer many advantages. These types of kitchens are extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, and they are also lightweight. Another great advantage is that this sink type comes in many different finishes to choose from. You will not have to worry about not finding a kitchen sink that fit your appliances and fixtures.

What Is The Cost Of An Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks can be found at your nearest home improvement store, that is true indeed. However, getting them from Cutting Edge Countertops can be more beneficial because we offer better prices and top-quality products.  If you are looking for beautiful kitchen sinks to add to the aesthetic of your home while saving money at the same time then Cutting Edge Countertops is the answer! With us by your side, you can create the perfect kitchen of your dreams. Improve your home with our durable stainless steel kitchen sinks. You can contact a specialist today and ask about the different sink options that we have. Find a kitchen sink that will compliment your gorgeous kitchen countertops.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this article on the top kitchen sinks offered here at Cutting Edge Countertops. For more related content be sure to visit our blog. If you would like to speak with an expert then contact us today by giving us a call. 888.515.TOPS

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