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The Best Marble Countertop Alternatives

Countertops That Look Like Marble

Have marble countertops been the apple of your eye when thinking about your future kitchen or bath remodel? But now that you’re planning and researching you’ve seen the warnings about how marble stains and etches easily. Marble is a classic natural stone surface and if you don’t mind dealing with the small cons, they may still be a great option for your kitchen interior design project. However, if you’re looking for some marble alternatives that offer greater durability, Cutting Edge Countertops has some great ones to share! We have the list of marble countertop alternatives that will suffice for the real version! Follow along with CECTOPS to get the inside scoop on the marble look alike countertop collections and designs! 

Polished Marble

1. Quartz that Looks Like Marble

White quartz has been extremely popular in recent years and it’s clear why. These marble look-a-like quartz countertops require less maintenance and great variety in terms of veining. We will be breaking down engineered stone AKA quartz countertops that look like marble by two groups. First we will dive into the designs that have polished looks. Then, we will jump into the countertop options that are honed, matte, and have a suede finish. Something you may want to keep in mind though, is that these may not be the best if you are looking for outdoor countertops. Quartz stone is not recommended by professionals for outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, the colors could fade due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Nevertheless, quartz is still an top choice around the world for any interior design that needs a little luxury kick. 

A. Let’s start with the polished looks: 

Eternal Classic Calacatta – A beautiful quartz that looks like Calacatta marble

marble alternatives

Italian Waves – sophisticated creamy pearl background with grey accent for a classic or contemporary style

marble look alike countertops

Muse – perfect blend of an alabaster white canvas thoughtfully intertwined with dark-hued veins

marble look alike

Calacatta Natura – another Calacatta marble look with a whispy linear kitchen modern design

marble look

Bianco Dolomite – conjures a brisk, fresh feel with sporadic movement

marble look quartz

B. Now, let’s take a look at a few of the honed/matte/suede finish options:

Statuario Maximus – luxury is exemplified with bold and dynamic veining sweeping across a soft white base

granite expo

Pearl Jasmine – subtle movement for just a touch of grey

granite and marble

2. Other Marble Look A Like Kitchen Countertops

There are a ton of options for best marble look alike countertops. Compact Surfaces, for example, are thinner format countertops that emerged in the last decade. Compact countertops offer white veined looks too that look identical to marble. In the most recent years, we have received many inquiries from homeowners and luxury home builders looking for a more affordable countertop that looks like marble stone. We understand there is a budget in place for everyone. So, our goal was to bring a collection of kitchen counters that you could choose from and still walk away with, happy! Our collections are designed and each countertop slab is individually picked with one thought in mind. To exceed your expectations. Next time you are in the market for a remodel and you are interested in a durable and affordable counter that resembles marble, ask about compact surfaces!

Aura – inspired by traditional Carrara and Calacatta marbles

granite and quartz

Opera – takes inspiration from elegant Italian Carrara marble. When you are delving deep into your remodel and need more kitchen interior ideas, the best you can do is rely on Cutting Edge Countertops. Our professionals are eager to give you the inside scoop to help you create the divine space of your dreams. CECTOPS is here to guide you and suggest the best countertops that will compliment the ideas you have for your kitchen. Call us today. (419) 873-9500

granite counters

Entzo – mixes gold hues with the characteristic veins of the highly sought-after look of Calacatta Gold. This design has been quite the popular one in the industry of kitchen interior designs and redesigns. We find most people do not know about it until they ask about a marble look alike that is less costly. Entzo is an ultra compact surface that will easily modernize any outdated kitchen or give your design the extra push it needs. 

marble kitchen

If you’re ready to view some of these designs in person, visit one of our countertop showrooms nearest you! We look forward to learning about your project and helping you pick the perfect marble-look alike!  Make sure to check out our countertop blog for more related content. For all questions and concerns contact us today by calling (419) 873-9500