A Guide To The Top Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen And Bath ☆

Cutting Edge Countertops offers the highest-quality types of countertops from only the best brands from all over the world. If you are a brand new homeowner or are simply looking to remodel your kitchen and bath then this guide will walk you through the types of countertops and the specific materials you should look for, for your particular style!

natural stone counters



Like snowflakes and fingerprints, each piece of rock mined from earth is truly one of a kind, with its very own unmistakable pinpoint designs, shading whirls, and radiant bits. Also, these intrinsically one of a kind qualities turn out to be a piece of your bathroom or kitchen anytime you select a natural stone option from Cutting Edge Countertops. We will help give you a consummately customized surface. Common stones are naturally hard and strong molten shake making them especially valuable in the building business—and an especially prominent answer for the present countertop options visible in private and business conditions. Natural stone countertops are simple ­to clean and ­maintain, notwithstanding being heat and scratch­ ­resistant.


The magnificence of quartz counters is really unmatched. The execution and toughness of built surfaces are stand-out. With a quartz ledge from CECTOPS, you genuinely bamboozle the two universes. We begin with the best quartz gems, one of nature’s hardest materials, which are then joined with polyester tars and shades to make the look of normal stone without the high upkeep. In contrast to other normal stone ledges, quartz is non-­porous, so it never needs fixing, molding or cleaning. What’s more, our quartz ledges are built to confront the rigors of the presently occupied ways of life, offering a scratch-­resistant, recolor ­resistant surface that additionally opposes shape and mold, making it both strong and sterile. With more than 70 hues and examples, enlivened by the most stunning shades and surfaces in nature, there’s an edge and countertop option to fit each taste and each condition. As a component of our Master Edge process, the top-notch quartz ledges in our selective Studio Gathering are accessible to be conveyed and introduced to you in a facilitated way.

quartz counters
granite counters


Granite Rock is a high caliber and amazingly well-known building material for kitchen and bath countertops. It has been utilized for a large number of years in both inside & outside applications. This solid common stone is utilized in structures, spans, clearing, landmarks, and numerous other outside projects and activities. Inside, cleaned stone sections and tiles are utilized for ledges, tile floors, stair tracks, and numerous other plan components. Stone is the best decision for ledges because of its quality and assortment of rich hues and regular examples.

It is profoundly impervious to ordinary mileage, especially against scratching and warmth. One drawback to this material is that it must be resealed intermittently. While it is a broadly utilized surface material for kitchens and showers, some increasingly uncommon shading assortments might be viewed as top of the line and accompany a heftier sticker price.


Craftsman, modelers and architects alike have since quite a while ago, swung to the magnificence of marble to give them the tastefulness and show their interest for their gems. Regardless of whether it’s utilized in great basilicas or contemporary kitchens, marble’s blend of one of a kind veining and its trademark white-­based tones manages any condition with moment modernity.

A type of limestone changed through the warmth and weight of transformative nature into a thick, differently hued, solidified shake, marble is desired for the exceptionally rich surface it gives.

Furthermore, at CECTOPS, our ExpertEdge procedure guarantees you’ll get the exact example you need for your condition. As a feature of our Master Edge process, the exceptional marble ledges in our elite Studio Accumulation are accessible to be conveyed and introduced to you in a sped up way.

solid surfaces

Solid Surface Countertops

Mortgage holders and planners alike love the spotless, reliable cohesiveness that strong surface ledges bear the cost of them. Since strong surfaces are a man-­made acrylic item, its hues and examples are completely reliable all through the total of the surface, giving you the harmony ­of-­mind in realizing that the surface you select will be definitely the surface that is introduced, with no undesirable varieties.

Strong surface ledges are produced using a blend of marble dust, acrylic, bauxite, and additionally different polyester tars and colors, making them inconceivably simple to clean and keep up, with no fixing required. What’s more, with a broad choice of hues and examples, CECTOPS gives you the style you want and the ease you request—with the determination you merit.


In the event that your way of life requests the greater part of your ledge, our minimized surface ledges from CECTOPS might be only the arrangement. Produced using a complex blend of crude materials utilized in the glass, porcelain tiles, and quartz surfaces, minimal surfaces are unimaginably sturdy, making them ideal for both indoor and open-air situations.

Our conservative surface ledges can truly take the warmth, flaunting flame resistant building that gives most extreme protection from both warmth and fire. A non-­porous material, minimized surfaces are likewise profoundly impervious to scratches, scraped areas, and stains while giving unfathomable shading steadiness, all in a to a great degree simple to keep up surface arrangement.

In case you’re searching for the eventual fate of ledges, look no more distant than an unfathomably solid conservative surface ledge from Cectops.

ultra compact
wilsonart laminate countertops

In case you’re hoping to include a new, new look to your kitchen or shower at a moderate value, cover might be only the ticket. Cover ledges are produced using layers of plastic that are clung to particleboard or Kraft paper to make a strong ledge surface. Regardless of whether you need to mirror the ageless look of marble, or mimic the contemporary appearance of tempered steel, at Front line Ledges we offer cover counters in a wide assortment of hues, surfaces, and examples.

While it won’t hold up to warmth and scratches like our characteristic stone, built or strong surface arrangements—requiring progressively visit substitution—overlay provides a lightweight, simple ­to-­install, moderate arrangement that conveys a spotless and completed surface.

Recycled Glass Countertops

Reused surface countertops are adaptable and eco-accommodating, ledges from glass reused surfaces are anything but difficult to keep up and will keep going for the life of your building. Envision the conceivable outcomes of reused glass or porcelain ledges in your kitchen or washroom.

Reused surface ledges perform simply like our designed common stone amid the procedures of creation and introduce. Our reused surfaces are unique since they are especially solid and nonporous. You won’t need to stress over recoloring, fixing, glass pop-outs, or waxing. In the event that you are hunting down a ledge material or alternative that is eco-accommodating with ensured quality and toughness then you need to put resources into reused glass surfaces. This sort of ledge does not require fixing and it arrives in a mix of one of a kind hues which will help in making your kitchen fly out from the rest!

recycled glass countertops