Interior Residential Workmanship Warranty

From the date of install, Cutting Edge Countertops offers a lifetime guarantee on:

Seam separation and voids in the seam adhesive

Sink separation from integrated or undermount cutouts

Your Rights Under Implied Warranties and State Law

This Workmanship Guarantees are in lieu of all other expressed warranties, obligations or liabilities.

Choice of Law

Cutting Edge Countertops’ Workmanship Guarantee shall be interpreted exclusively under the laws of the State of Ohio, Wood County.

Effective Date

This Warranty applies to products purchased and installed by Cutting Edge Countertops, Inc. after April 1, 2006.

Manufacturer warranty registrations should be filed with the completion of your install.

Some manufacturers require warranty registrations occur within seven days..

Care and maintenance of countertops can be challenging. If you need help, call us.