White Quartz Countertops

Are you remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and need to select from the best white quartz collection in your area? Cutting Edge Countertops is the top supplier of white granite countertops. We offer a variety of white quartz options for your commercial or residential property. White Quartz has been gaining a lot of popularity and preference amongst homeowners, contractors, and builders because it brings a modern feel to any home. The durability and easy maintenance found in white quartz countertops are unbeatable. You can also count on the convenient variety in texture that makes white quartz the ideal countertop material of choice! White quartz is a pretty modern and new addition to the countless countertop options or materials that are offered. This engineered rock or manmade material consisting of ground quartz is mixed with polymers, pigment, and resin to make an abundance of textures, colors, and pattern options.

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White Quartz Lifespan

Not only is quartz one of the minerals on the planet that is the absolute hardest but it is also one of the most abundant as well. Quartz countertops have an advantage over other materials like natural stone and granite. Although its possible to come across natural quartz slabs, almost all of them are manmade or engineered. Furthermore, white quartz has all of the amazing durable qualities and does not have to be sealed like other countertop materials. Since white quartz is made with about 6 – 10 percent resins, they’re nonporous & do not ever need to be sealed. This is a huge advantage to getting white quartz for your home because you won’t have to worry about frequent cleaning, heat, and liquid spills. Intense heat can and will damage the material so you still have to be mindful and take precaution when cooking or baking near white quartz countertops.

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Quartz Is Chemically Inert

Quartz being chemically inert is another way of saying that it doesn’t react to most chemicals out there. Due to this being the case, chemical and physical property of quartz, you do not have to stress about citrus juices, wine, or regular household cleaning products. One chemical you should watch out for is bleach because it is incredibly harsh and will, in fact, damage your white quartz countertops.

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Maintenance Is Easy

Generally speaking, countertops receive just as much damage and abuse as much as floors do. The abuse may be greater when taking into account the common use of knives, daily cleaning, and hot cooking pots and pans. For the most part, white quartz countertops are pretty easy to maintain because they are in fact nonporous material. This makes the process of cleaning very easy and completely stress-free. Marble and granite are porous by nature so this means that they absorb liquids, unlike quartz. Liquid absorption means there will be stains in your countertops. When you are cleaning your white quartz countertops all you really need is a towel, dip it in soap and water then wipe off the surface.

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Design Of White Quartz

The great thing about white quartz is that there are so many different patterns and textures to choose from. White quartz brings such a variety and a wide selection to pick from. Cutting Edge Countertops has over X amount of white quartz options for your bathroom and kitchen countertops. The beautiful simplicity found in white quartz is one that is definitely hard to beat because not many other options can bring such a calm and inviting environment to your home like white quartz! This elegant and high-quality countertop option is one that you simply cannot go wrong with! For more information contact us today by calling (419) 873-9500.