How To Revitalize Your Quartz Countertops
Aurelia Quartz Hanstone

Featured Color: Aurelia by HanStone®

Imagine. You’re sipping wine with your girlfriends, and suddenly your kids run in! They start to run circles around your kitchen, and in a moment of distraction, your little one jumps on your lap and yikes!…wine spills all over your HanStone Aurelia Quartz countertop. How are you going to clean the stain?

Don’t fret! As quartz countertops are an engineered stone and a non-porous material, liquids are less likely to seep into the stone and form a stain – making it a low-maintenance favorite. However, no countertop is indestructible and that’s where the professionals at Cutting Edge Countertops come in to help!

In order to keep your gorgeous quartz countertops looking new for years to come, follow these simple tips and tricks listed below. Have further questions about your countertops? Visit our blog to learn more or contact us today.

1. Clean your quartz countertops daily

Let’s start off easy: clean your countertops daily with mild soap and water. Generally speaking, a warm and damp microfiber cloth can be used to remove most residue. Use a circular motion when you are cleaning your countertops to make sure you are not leaving any residue behind.

You also can use an ammonia-free glass cleaner or any non-abrasive household cleaner that does not contain lemon, ammonia or bleach. Products such as MORE™ Surface Care offers a great selection of stone-safe options such as the Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector. This cleaner can be purchased in any of the Cutting Edge Countertops showrooms.

2. Protect your quartz from stains

To prevent staining, any spills, dirt, grease or oils should be wiped up quickly to reduce the chance of a stain forming.

3. How to remove a scratch from quartz countertops

Those scuffs you think are scratches could just be a mark from a metal pot. Use a white eraser! Softly scrub the mark and see how it disappears!

4. Protect your quartz from direct heat

Many homeowners understand that quartz countertops are heat resistant but this does not mean that you should allow direct contact and exposure to extreme temperatures. In fact, you should minimize exposure to high temperatures in an effort to protect your countertops.

5. Protect your quartz from scratches

It is important to remember that cutting boards are your best friend! No matter the countertop material you have, always use cutting boards! Granite, marble, quartz, etc. should never be used directly without some kind surface protection. You can use coasters, cutting boards, hot-pads and trivets to prevent future damage. It is important to note that through time, your countertops may acquire a sheen appearance, even with the right care and maintenance. You can expect dark countertops to show light scratches easier than lighter colors.

We hope these simple tips and tricks help you keep your quartz countertops looking brand new for years to come. If you have further questions about proper maintenance for all countertops, you can visit Cutting Edge Countertops’ page on how to clean your quartz and more or contact us today at 888.515.TOPS (8677) to visit one of our showrooms in Perrysburg and Delaware, OH; Wixom, MI; and Noblesville and S. Indianapolis, IN.

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Featured Color: Aurelia by HanStone®

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