Ideas for Remodeling a Kitchen or Bathroom For Less $
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Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom The Smart Way

Interested in ideas for remodeling a kitchen or bathroom? Look no further than Cutting Edge Countertops! Remodeling your home is a stressful but rewarding task. If you are apprehensive about the work involved to have that new kitchen or bath of your dreams, here are some of our tips to help you get through the process.




Probably the most basic piece of advice but a lot of things need to be planned and taken into consideration in this crucial first step. Many people forget this step and end up paying more than they wanted or end up with products that were not worth the time and dollar. 

It is important to plan EVERYTHING before you start on your renovation project. This will help the process go smoothly. Some important things to plan are your budget, design, finishes, fixtures, and materials.

silver wave marble kitchen countertops    BUDGET

Start with your budget, it is crucial to have that number figure before going any further. Leave some wiggle room for unexpected expenses that might come up so you aren’t caught off guard. Then you can move on to the fun part of designing your space.


Create lots of lists! Lists of what you need to tackle for your space before, during and after. This will keep you organized and tracking progress. Besides, who doesn’t love the satisfaction that crossing something off brings?


Make a file/binder to keep all of your lists and information together in one place. You should add your Pinterest finds and inspiration to this as well to talk through with your designer/contractor. Keeping things altogether will be one less of a headache in the future when you’re looking for that one random sticky note that was holding important information. No matter the size of your kitchen and the remodel, we have a plan for everyone. 


Traffic isn’t just for the streets, it is also in your home. It’s important to think about the layout of your current space and how foot traffic patterns are going to affect your new space. Try not to hinder the natural flow of your home. You know the paths that are walked constantly and where people tend to hang out.

Rennovation Pics


Make room for more storage, not too much free space. Yes, most everyone wants large airy kitchens and baths these days but what about your stuff? Think about what you use in your spaces and where its new home will be. Add plenty of well thought out storage to your new room. Chances are, you will regret if you don’t. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling tips and ideas continue to change as we progress in time. But there are certain materials that are infinitely beautiful and will never go out of style. When you have a spacious room in the home, you can add variety and eye-catching touches that will accentuate the beauty that is already there.

CEC Install for Design Classics LLC4. FIND A REPUTABLE SHOWROOM

If you need help narrowing down choices, visit a kitchen and bath remodeling and design showroom right now. Cutting Edge Countertops is the leading showroom in the nation with hundreds of countertop choices and remodeling products. Our locations have a wide variety of products to browse, installation ideas, and professional consultants ready to help. You can trust our team to take your kitchen remodel or renovations to greater heights. The reason you should choose us is because of our level of experience in the industry. Not only are we a KBIS partner but we also have strong relationships with the top manufacturers in the game. This means, you will always get a product that is nothing short of perfect. The time we put in to hand selecting each individual piece says it all. So, if you are in the market for a kitchen or bath remodel, please evaluate our work and consider choosing a global brand like Cutting Edge Countertops. 

Rennovation Pics


Depending on how extensive your kitchen renovation is, it could take a long time. Any time without a kitchen sink/stove is just too long. The resolution? Set up temporary spaces away from the construction zone with a microwave/hot plate so you aren’t completely out of a kitchen.


You want a kitchen or bath renovation but don’t have the funds and/or time? Updating your countertops is a quick fix that can really transform your space. Adding a coat of paint or a new stain to cabinetry is also a quick and economical way to give your room a different look.

Renovation Tips


All happy relationships share good communication. Good communication with your designer, contractor, and any other personnel involved in your renovation is key! They cannot read your mind. It is important to express your thoughts, wants, and needs.


Yes, the journey can be long and tiring. You may have smooth sailing or lots of unexpected problems surface so it’s important to remember the end result and how your new space will be worth it.


Did you like these ideas for remodeling a kitchen? If so, then you need to contact Cutting Edge Countertops today! We are currently running deals and promotions on your your favorite countertop materials. We are here to answer all of your questions so call right now! Also, make sure you check out the blog for the latest news!

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