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How To Revitalize Corian Countertops

Revitalize Your Corian Countertops & Make Them Last

Have Corian quartz countertops? Ready to make them shine? Learn how to revitalize Corian countertops the right way and make your kitchen counters last with the helpful tips from Cutting Edge Countertops.



Spills & Tough Stains

Common spills, like vinegar, tea, coffee, lemon juice, ketchup, dyes, red wine, and vegetable spills happen all the time! Do not freak out when it does! Water is sometimes a problem that many people do not tend to and it can be very damaging to your countertops! Water problems can cause build-up over time. Make sure to wipe your countertops dry and do your best to not leave water on the surface for a long period of time. Corian suggests using Viakal gel for stain removal purposes. Simply take the gel, apply, and leave it for 2 to 4 minutes. After this time has passed, remove the gel using a damp soft cloth. Then take another clean soft cloth and rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

Even though most liquids simply cannot penetrate Corian®, it’s still in your best interest to wipe away spills as they occur. Generally speaking, a warm and damp micro-fiber cloth can be used with a gentle household cleaner to get rid of countertop stains. When it comes to common residues, you will only need lukewarm soapy water, an ammonia-based cleaner, or a credible countertop solution. Kindly stay away from window cleaning sprays because they may leave waxy buildup that can make the surface appear duller. Use circular motions when you are cleaning your countertops to make sure you are not leaving residue behind. You can expect the film to build upon your countertops anytime water is left to dry. The film may dull the surface and make the finish seem more uneven and blotchy. Prevent the build-up of the film by wiping the surface of the countertop all the way until it is totally dry. Do this right when spills take place to decrease the chance of any potential damages. It is important to note that through time, your countertops may acquire a sheen even with the right care and maintenance. You can expect dark countertops to show light scratches easier than lighter colors will. No matter where you are and how long you have had your countertops, you can always take a few simple steps and learn how to revitalize Corian countertops to restore then back to their original glory.


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Preventing Damage

Corian countertops in many cases can be repaired after being damaged. Below you will see the guidelines that will help you in preventing any future damages. Many homeowners understand that Corian countertops are heat resistant but this does not mean that you should allow direct contact and exposure to extreme temperatures. In fact, you should minimize exposure to high temperatures in an effort to protect your countertops. It is important to remember that cutting boards are your best friends! No matter the countertop material you have, always use cutting boards! Granite, marble, quartz, solid surfaces, etc should never be used directly without some kind surface protection. You can use coasters, cutting boards, hot-pads, and trivets to prevent future damages.


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Contact A Professional Corian Countertop Expert

Anytime you are experiencing a stubborn stain, cut, or scratch and cannot get it out, contact the Corian experts. It is no secret that Corian is a leading quartz countertop brand that offers the best quality in the industry. There are many brands out there to consider when searching for the perfect countertop and Corian will always be at the very top. Cutting Edge Countertops is one of the nation’s top stone fabricators offering Corian products for many decades. Our ongoing experience in the field and customer service sets us apart from the rest. For more details please visit the blog. Contact us today for more insight. Call us now! 888.515.TOPS (8677)

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