Are You Ready For Kitchen & Bath Month 2021?
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Did you know that the US has a kitchen and bath month? I bet you do if you’re a remodeling enthusiast. But if you’ve just stumbled on this reality here, then “Yes!” we do. It is an annual designation coined by the National Kitchen and Bath Association in 1982. The NKBA couldn’t have picked a better strategic month than October. It marks the end of summer, welcoming the dawn of winter. The holidays offer a chance to spend time indoors, welcoming guests virtually every day. Granted, it would be best to ensure that your kitchen and bath define your personality while maintaining a stylish and refined space. Here’s the Big Question: “Are you ready for October?”

At Cutting Edge Countertops, we’re passionate about countertops and can help you upgrade your home in readiness for the holidays. Whether it’s your bath vanities, laundry room, bar tops or kitchen countertops, we can transform these spaces into your home’s highlights by upgrading your surface materials. We boast a curated collection of compelling countertop material including quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone and compact surface. We have the knack for identifying quality and eye-catching countertop materials to match your design preference, personality and budget.

Are You Working on a Budget? Leverage Our Remnant Program

If you are purchasing new countertops for your kitchen, consider giving other areas of your home a refresh at the same time to take advantage of some savings. We offer a Remnant Program that includes an extensive remnant collection – perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, bar tops and more. And, when you spend $1,500, you can shop our low price of $39/sq. ft. remnants when your kitchen and remnants are installed at the same time.

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Countertop Designs to Inspire You

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If you are considering a kitchen or bath remodel and need some inspiration, you can start by visiting our Inspiration Gallery. Additionally, our team of expert Design Consultants can assist you with your home remodeling project. We encourage you to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our knowledgeable Consultants to walk you through the countertop process, understand your needs and help you identify the best material for your project. During your visit, you can view our full-slab indoor showroom with anywhere from 50 to 100 slabs.

Is your home October-ready? Cutting Edge Countertops has been building relationships and trust since 2006. Call us today at 888.515.8677 and let us help you remodel your home for the holidays.

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