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Four Unique Kitchen Countertop Ideas That Will Make You Want To Remodel

Four Unique Kitchen Countertop Ideas That Will Make You Want To Remodel

Every year new trends, styles and designs come to life persuading us with a new addition that we crave to incorporate into our homes. But some “trends” last a lifetime, offering timeless features and exquisite concepts that we will love for years to come.

At Cutting Edge Countertops, we offer a variety of countertop styles, edge profiles and more to bring your vision to life. Learn about some of the top trending looks in 2021 below and how Cutting Edge Countertops can help you bring these ideas to life in the heart of your home!

1. Dekton Countertops 

kitchen dekton radium

Dekton countertops are made of quartz stone, porcelain and glass that are fused and compressed together under high pressure to create a slab material that is extremely dense and compact, hence the reason it is considered an ultra-compact material. Because of its unique characteristics, Dekton is a long-lasting product that is scratch, stain and heat resistant. Homeowners are craving a material that will last them a lifetime, without showing wear and tear, therefore, Dekton has become increasingly popular and found within many American homes.

Incorporating Dekton into your kitchen will help you feel at ease, as it will provide a low-maintenance clean up, easier cooking lifestyle and more.

2. Waterfall Edge Countertops

viscount white granite kitchen countertops

A waterfall edge countertop is the next best thing in modern interior design. It is designed to make a 90-degree angle at the countertop ends. Instead of ending with a finely finished edge, the countertop seamlessly heads down the floor creating a “pouring” vision off the edge as water would over a cliff.

This style looks gorgeous on a kitchen island where you can showcase your unique style in the focal point of your home.

3. Marble Quartz Countertops

marble look

Many people love the look of marble countertops, as it offers elegance and beauty with its subtle swirls and veining within. However, due to its natural, porous nature, marble is a softer material that may not withstand harsher interactions that often coincide with family lifestyles.

Thankfully, quartz countertops have mastered replicating the beauty of marble by recreating the lovely veining, subtle hues, delicate swirls and more that homeowners seek. Cutting Edge Countertops offers an extensive collection of quartz countertops that offers these gorgeous features, as well as added benefits. All of our quartz countertops are extremely durable and can withstand the harsh interactions of day-to-day life. No longer sacrifice beauty for functionality; with Cutting Edge Countertops’ quartz collection, you can have both.

4. Quartz That Looks Like Concrete


Concrete gets a lot of attention for its appearance and has become one of the top countertop choices for both industrial and modern-style kitchens. As you may have guessed with quartz’s ability to replicate almost any look, texture and design, it also can beautifully portray the look of concrete. Concrete is typically more susceptible to cracking, so utilizing a concrete-looking quartz countertop is certainly the way to go! It is a durable option as it provides more strength to your kitchen countertops and comes in various colors and shades to match your interior design.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start working on your home remodel! Whether you are located in Perrysburg, OH, Troy, MI, Wixom, MI, Noblesville, IN, Indianapolis, IN or surrounding cities, Cutting Edge Countertops has everything you are looking for! Visit one of our showrooms to explore the various styles and designs we have on display and see which material best suits you! Appointments are encouraged so please contact us at www.cectops.com/locations to schedule your appointment today. We have a team of experts ready to help you along the way and bring your dream kitchen to life.

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Festive Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas 2020

The smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven shouldn’t be the only sign of fall in your home. Celebrate the season by incorporating festive fall decor like harvest centerpieces, DIY accents and more! Fall kitchen decor can be as simple as introducing fall colors with seasonal linens or dishes. But if you want a more personalized display, whip up a few fall DIY decorations for shelves like an arrangement of mini pumpkins. If you are ready to get into the fall spirit, try out some of these festive kitchen decorating ideas in your home!

1. Decorate Your Kitchen With Fall Colors

Fall offers a variety of deep, rich seasonal colors to choose from when decorating your kitchen. Incorporate deep reds and golden yellows to instantly showcase the season in your home. Try arranging leaves in jars or branches with leaves and berries to display on a counter or open shelves. You can do this throughout your kitchen to wrap your space in fall warmth.

fall kitchen
fall kitchen decor

2. Introduce Fall Linens

Kitchen towels and linens are a constant in the kitchen, making them easy pieces to rotate and reflect the season. Keep it subtle and simple with linens in fall colors, like burgundy, brown and orange. Go full fall by displaying kitchen towels and linens in leaf or pumpkin designs.

3. DIY Fall Kitchen Decorations

If you have a passion for creating your own decorations, break out the glue gun and paint, and craft a few DIY fall kitchen decorations. Creating your own centerpiece is a great project to start with. Hollow out a pumpkin so that you can fit a vase inside. Arrange fall flowers in the vase and place inside the pumpkin.

DIY Fall Kitchen Decorations
fall kitchen inspiration

4. Accessorize Your Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island is the center of the room, make it the focal point of your fall decor, too! Treat the kitchen island countertop similar to a table and display a fall centerpiece. When decorating a kitchen island for fall, ensure the decor is functional. Anchor an arrangement of fall items like pumpkins and gourds in a tray or low basket. This keeps everything contained, it’s easy to move the decoration out of the way when you need to.

5. Arrange a Festive Fall Centerpiece

We all have a spare serving tray tucked away in the kitchen somewhere. Gather festive fall elements in a mix of materials and colors, and start arranging. Choose a focal point item, this should be the tallest piece in the arrangement, then add in progressively shorter pieces to create a cascading or stairstep effect.

fall centerpiece inspiration
neutral fall decor

6. Use What You Already Have

While orange, red, brown and yellow are common colors when people think of fall, there’s plenty of room for others. For example, if your kitchen color palette leans cool, bring in warm accents for a seasonal change. Working greenery into fall arrangements in a kitchen with green accents helps the seasonal decor fit in with the room’s existing look.

These are just a few festive fall decorating ideas that will help bring the signs of fall into your home! For more content about kitchen design trends, countertops surfaces, bathroom remodels and more visit our blog. You also can contact the Cutting Edge Countertops team today or schedule an appointment to visit one of our showrooms located in Troy, Wixom, Perrysburg, S. Indianapolis and Noblesville to assist you with your kitchen or bathroom renovation project.

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Projects Perfect for Remnants

Whether your project is small or big all areas of your home can be accented in stone. Large projects like your kitchen can require several slabs of stone, but small projects can be created with remnants. Don’t know what projects can be done with remnants? Have no fear we have a few ideas up our sleeve.


1. Outdoor Spaces:

Bars, tables, and side countertops can be made with remnants of natural stone.



2. Fireplace Surrounds:

Remnants of natural stone and quartz can dress up your fireplace with a touch of elegance.


3. Powder Rooms & Bathrooms:

The most common place for remnants to be used is for countertops in powder rooms and smaller bathrooms.


4. Laundry Rooms:

Adding a counter space over your washer and dryer adds additional functionality to your laundry room by creating a space to organize and fold.Remnants

5. Bars, Desks, and Tables:

Last, but not least, you can use remnants for surfaces like bars, desks, table tops and if small enough, kitchen islands.





Depending on the provider, remnants are usually marked at a discounted rate. Act now and you can purchase remnants for 50% off with Cutting Edge Countertops Remnant Sale going on now through the end of April 2018.

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