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Product News: Sensa by Cosentino Introduces New Colors

Sensa by Cosentino, the highly-durable natural stone surface for both interior and exterior application, adds five new colors to its existing offering of 35 hues: White Napoli, Silver Blue, Luna Blanca, Smoky White, and White Alamo. Developed exclusively by Cosentino, a global leader in natural stone for more than 80 years, Sensa is a maintenance-free premium natural stone with a revolutionary stain protection that rivals the performance of manmade surfacing. The new colors add texture and tones to the existing offering—marrying a natural, luxurious look with a maintenance-free, high-quality natural stone.

While other natural stone on the market is porous and susceptible to stains from everyday use, Sensa by Cosentino comes equipped with Senguard®, a deep treatment applied during the manufacturing process that protects the stone helping eliminate required sealing for years to come–saving homeowners both time and money and reducing the risk of darkening that comes with repeated applications of standard sealers. True to Cosentino’s commitment to quality and durability, Sensa comes with a 15-year transferrable warranty.


Luna Blanca evokes maroon and gray tones that fall across a moon white background to accomplish an innovative design. Luna Blanca is a polished Indian color, and an elegant option for countertops, walls and flooring.

Silver Blue subtly blends white and blue ripples on a natural silver background to create a bold tone, with a metallic finish and a high end design. Silver Blue is a polished, new to market color, from Spain.

Smoky White, found in India, swirls black, white and silver waves to create an exotic design of natural stone.

White Alamo blends cool grays and whites with hints of blacks to discover a stunning work of natural art. White Alamo is a polished, new to market color from Brazil.

White Napoli is a polished Brazilian stone with highlights of gray and black on a creamy white background.

Sensa retails from $36 to $89 per square foot, depending on color, thickness, and finish and is available in 35 hues.

For more information, visit the Sensa tab on our website or talk with a consultant at our showroom.

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Cutting Edge Countertops Expands It’s Production Capacity


We are proud to announce the consolidation of our hard surface products into its newly expanded 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Perrysburg, Ohio. Set to open in the Spring of 2018, the facility will continue to serve as our company’s headquarters where warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics operations will be centralized to service the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. This will ensure our company’s value proposition of safety, quality, and service are uniform across all state lines for our customers.


“Our company believes the safety, quality, and experience we provide our employees and our customers are the number one priorities for our business,” said Jeff Erickson, Chief Operating Officer for Cutting Edge Countertops.  “Due to the growth of our operations and business, we are expanding into a completely new state-of-the-art facility in Perrysburg that will allow us to uphold our service promise, centralize efforts and create efficiencies that will help put our employees and our customers first,” he added.


Cutting Edge Countertops first began its manufacturing operations in the Perrysburg, Ohio area in 2006. Since then, we have established showrooms in Macomb and Wixom, Michigan, and Indianapolis and Noblesville, Indiana, where we serve both residential and commercial markets.


Within the next three years, Cutting Edge Countertops’ consolidation of manufacturing plants will add approximately 40 jobs and double the company’s production output. “We are at the center of an economy that is driving our business in a positive way and requires us to look for efficiencies during a time where demand and supply are both high,” added Jeff.  “Our customer base is strong and will continue developing but in order to remain competitive during a thriving economy, we are setting a stage for our business to be operationally savvy for the next few decades,” he added.


To commemorate our expansion, we plan on having an event at our new facility later in the fall. The official opening will give our customers an opportunity to tour the new manufacturing and warehousing facility and meet celebrity guests. More details to follow on the plans for this event as it is an exciting time for Cutting Edge Countertops.


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Cutting Edge Countertops Expansion

Cutting Edge Expansion


Cutting Edge Countertops, an Ohio-based countertop fabrication company, has announced an expansion plan that is designed to provide additional capacity required for its anticipated business growth over the coming years.

The new 71,400-sq.-ft. Varco Pruden pre-engineered metal building addition will increase Cutting Edge’s existing 24,000-sq.-ft. Perrysburg facility to more than 95,000 square feet, quadrupling the company’s operation space. In addition to expanding production, this new construction will also increase the company’s workforce by approximately 20 percent, to more than 200 employees.

Cutting Edge is investing nearly $4 million into machinery and equipment to outfit its newly constructed facility, including two CMS North America custom Brembana cutting lines featuring semi-automatic shuttle tables, a 16-in. cutting blade and a 5-axis waterjet head. The space will also house five 4-axis CNC router machines, material handling systems from Bohl Engineered Handling Systems and high capacity water filtration systems from Water Treatment Solutions.

“This is an exciting time for our company,” said Brad Burns, Cutting Edge Countertops founding partner and head of sales and marketing. “We’ve experienced rapid growth in the last few years, and this expansion is a necessary part of our long-term strategy for ensuring that our business can continue to prosper and create high quality countertops for years to come.”

Rudolph Libbe Inc. is the design and build contractor and is performing the concrete, masonry, carpentry and site work. The expansion will add a two-story office and manufacturing, warehousing, shipping and receiving areas. This will allow Cutting Edge to support growth in their existing locations across the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, as well as new markets in the future. The project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2018.

“Having this project literally in our backyard is so rewarding,” Burns added. “Every day our employees can see the progress and are motivated by what the future holds for us. We’re also looking forward to having the opportunity to add new team members in the coming months.”

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Merger Creates One of the Largest Countertop Manufacturers in the Country

Cutting Edge Countertops Merger


Cutting Edge Countertops, Inc. of Perrysburg, Ohio and Surface enCounters, LLC. of Macomb, MI have merged and become one company under the name of Cutting Edge Countertops, Inc.  Cutting Edge Countertops, Inc., an MIA Accredited Stone Fabricator, will offer both residential and commercial customers an array of countertop options, including: natural stone, quartz, solid surface, compact surfaces, and laminate product offerings. The countertop manufacturer will now employ over 150 people in the Greater Toledo, Detroit, and Indianapolis areas. Customers will experience expanded showroom options, including: Indianapolis and Noblesville, IN, Macomb and Wixom, MI, and Perrysburg, OH. Cutting Edge Countertops, Inc. was founded in 2006 by partners Brad Burns, Brian Burns, and Jeff Erickson. Chuck Russo, Founder of Surface enCounters, LLC. will join the original three as an equal partner, bringing his many years of knowledge and experience in the countertop industry, automation, and production. The merger will go into effect on May 1, 2016.

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Perrysburg Committee Pushes for Firm’s Abatement

Cutting Edge Countertops


Perrysburg City Council’s finance and economic development committee recommended the full council approve a 100 percent property tax abatement for Cutting Edge Countertops, should the company decide to expand its current operation.

The countertop manufacturing company, located at 1300 Flagship Dr., is seeking a 15-year abatement, which is the maximum allowed by Ohio law.

In total, the company would invest $5.65 million in property and equipment, and expects to add 40 full-time employees with a combined payroll of $1.65 million by 2019, according to the company’s application for the tax abatement.

The company now has about 90 full-time employees in Perrysburg and has operated within the city since 2006. If the company expands its business elsewhere, 30 Perrysburg employees are expected to be displaced, the application states.

The abatement would save the company about $17,650 in property taxes per year over the 15-year abatement. Perrysburg requires any company that receives an abatement make school districts whole, so neither Perrysburg Schools nor Penta Career Center will lose out on property tax revenue.

The committee also recommended the full council sever a tax abatement agreement with the Cousino Group, which owns the parcel CEC intends to purchase for its expansion.

Glenn Grisdale, the city’s economic development consultant, said the Cousino Group plan had several moving parts that needed to fall into place for the company’s intended expansion.

The company received a 10-year, 75 percent property tax abatement in October.

The CEC abatement will be before council during its next meeting on July 11. If the plan goes forward, the company plans to start its expansion in August.

*This article was originally written by Zack Lemon and published in the Toledo Blade. Click here to view the original article.