Fall Remodeling Guide
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As we gear up for the snuggle-worthy season, it’s time to give your home a warm and fuzzy makeover, perfect for those chilly days, holiday gatherings, and nights wrapped in comfort. Many people will be gearing up to renovate their kitchen countertops or update their bathrooms as they may be planning to host Thanksgiving or Christmas in their home. Fall is the perfect time to start renovations because with the kids in school, you can focus on the renovation during the day while they’re out of the house. With the holiday season right around the corner, you can make memories you can be proud of with your loved ones in a freshly remodeled space!

Kitchen Countertops

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The heart of every holiday gathering is the delicious food shared with family and friends. Imagine the joy of preparing a festive feast on a brand-new, stunning countertop. Whether you’re rolling out cookie dough for a batch of homemade cookies or carving the perfect turkey, a fresh and stylish countertop will add an element of elegance and practicality to your kitchen.

Hosting holiday parties and gatherings becomes an absolute delight when you have a kitchen that exudes style and sophistication. A renovated countertop can instantly transform the look and feel of your kitchen, leaving your guests in awe. Whether it’s a sleek granite surface or a modern quartz design, your updated countertops will serve as a conversation starter and a centerpiece of admiration.

Here are the most popular countertop surfaces: 

Granite: Granite countertops exhibit uniqueness, ensuring each countertop is distinct. Along with its aesthetic appeal, granite offers other benefits making it a top choice. Its remarkable durability against scratches, bacteria, stains and high temperatures for both indoor and outdoor use. Check out Cutting Edge Countertops Edge Pro™ and Edge Allure™ natural stone options.

Quartz: Quartz is another top choice for indoor kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bars, pantry countertops and other residential uses along with commercial applications. Quartz countertops are man-made and are highly durable and low maintenance with a variety of colors and styles available. 

Marble: Marble kitchen countertops exude sophistication and an elegant appearance. But they are a little more high-maintenance and require more attention.  Marble is porous, so it absorbs liquids quickly and is more sensitive to staining. It must be sealed to maintain its look and prevent damage from acidic substances.

When deciding which countertop material best meets your needs, there are a number of items to consider based on how you use your space, including color options, resistance to stains and heat, care and maintenance requirements and your overall budget. For more details, read our Choose Your Materials guide.

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Butlers Pantry

Cutting Edge Countertops Granite Quartz. Kitchen and bathRevitalizing your pantry by introducing countertops is a fantastic way to infuse a renewed spirit into your holiday preparations. These countertops offer a dedicated space for all your seasonal cooking projects without having to use the kitchen. With ample room for chopping, mixing, and organizing ingredients, the pantry becomes a haven of efficiency and creativity during festive times. Carefully selecting countertop materials ensures durability and easy maintenance. Transforming your pantry with countertops will be a holiday gift for years to come. This small project also will allow you to use remnants; check out our program here

If you’re looking to upgrade your house for this holiday season whether it be for a kitchen, bathroom, outdoor kitchen, bar, laundry room, sink and countertop, look no further than Cutting Edge Countertops. If you are ready to get started, schedule an appointment today at a showroom closest to you, including: Northwest Ohio’s showroom in Perrysburg; Central Ohio in Delaware; Detroit area in Wixom; and Central Indiana in Noblesville and Southern Indiana in our S. Indianapolis showroom. Our experienced team is ready to bring your vision to life!  

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